Letter from the President - February 2014

The extraordinary number of new members having joined ASC in 2013 was gratifying to your entire Board of Directors ("BOD") that regularly devote so much time and energy to trying to create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere. As such, it is my pleasure to confirm that all members of the BOD serving at the end of 2013 will again be serving your interests in 2014.

The relationship between all ASC members and your BOD is of utmost importance if we are to enjoy the maximum benefits our club has to offer. The effectiveness of that relationship is in large part a result of how well the membership and the BOD communicate with each other. The methods by which that may occur should be extensive. However, in order to avoid an ineffective and chaotic situation all communications must take place in an organized manner with absolute respect being shown by every member to all other members at all times without exception.

Our club is managed according to a comprehensive set of By Laws that are constructed so as to be consistent with Robert's Rules of Order ("RRO"), the recognized Gold Standard for how organizations should be managed, especially with respect to how meetings should be conducted. Within that context I have set forth below a few salient points:

  1. There is a specific Director responsible for every club activity. Therefore, there should never be an excuse of not knowing who to contact regarding any question or complaint. The areas of responsibility and email details for each Director can be immediately obtained by referring to the ASC website.

    The BOD consists of 13 members. Each Director, with the exceptions of the Treasurer and Secretary, is responsible for providing a website contribution at the beginning of every month regarding their area of responsibility.

  2. There is an average 30 day period between membership meetings except during the summer months, when there is essentially a 90 day period between the June and September membership meetings. Therefore, inasmuch as we hope as many of our approximately 1600 members as possible will use the club's facilities as often as possible, it is only logical that questions or issues will arise with a degree of regularity. As such, the historical tendencies to either not bother to seek answers or solutions, or to wait and make issues of them only at membership meetings is both illogical and ineffective. Therefore, PLEASE contact the relevant Director on any subject in a timely manner and you may be assured that you will receive an equally timely response.

    In addition, each Director is generally available for a reasonable amount of time both before and after the business part of each membership meeting. Please take advantage of those opportunities to raise any subjects of personal interest.

    If you have an announcement or other form of information you believe should be shared with the membership, you should provide that information in advance of the meeting to the relevant Director who will handle the information as appropriate.

  3. There are reasons why the BOD is seated facing the audience and why each Director makes a brief statement during each membership meeting. One obvious reason, especially for the newer members, is to place each Director's faces with their names for those that might have something to discuss. The second reason is that this provides the members another opportunity to ask questions or raise issues on any appropriate subject. That being said, it is in this area that discipline is essential and that is characterized as follows:

    In order to not be ruled out of order, a member desiring to raise a question or issue must do so by raising a hand, and when called upon by the Chair stating his-or-her name and badge number for the benefit of the Secretary. All such communications must be related only to the substance of the just then completed department presentation and before the Chair calls on the next Director to speak, or moves on to another part of the agenda.

    As per RRO, when a member is recognized by the Chair all questions and statements must be directed only to the Chair and not to any other Director. This is required in order to permit the Chair to rule on whether or not the intended statement or question is valid or out of order. If valid, the appropriate Director will be requested to respond.

Also within the realm of the general subject of communications, may I remind all members that we are endeavoring to make future membership meetings as interesting as possible within the boundaries of proper procedures and decorum, and to foster a greater club-wide sense of unity.

One activity involving how we might make our membership meetings more interesting is being led by Patti Jones (pattijones@comcast.net). The other activity that has been formed to come up with a variety of club wide social events is headed by Doug Hook, whose email address is (hook_2@verizon.net).

Thank you,
Dick Reichter, President