Letter from the President - November 2014

Dear Members:

We are now in that which is possibly the most active period of our club’s calendar year. Fall activities such as the annual Turkey and Pumpkin Shoots, Trap Club Championship shoot, extremely active youth, trap, pistol, and other training department classes; etc.

We continue to enjoy a constant increase in club new membership applicants and the continued enhancement of our club’s facilities which allow us to efficiently manage a growing membership. In all instances we strive to pursue every facility project based upon a quality of materials and workmanship that will permit long term quality enjoyment of all members. Facility projects currently underway include the installation of a line of telephone poles bordering the end of the parking lot near the archery range. This project will allow us to reroute the distribution of  the significant power capacity already in place. This will also offer additional “facility use opportunities” examples of which could include added security monitoring, increased parking area lighting, etc. 

Two other major facilities projects are also well underway. One being the new outdoor pistol range, and the other a complete refurbishment of the main club house interior and kitchen.

During this period when there is a greater concentration of holidays than any other period thought the year, I hope that all ASC members will participate in as many activities as possible and enjoy the enhanced facilities in which they are conducted

Dick Reichter, President