Letter from the President - October 2014

Dear Members:

I believe all aspects of your club are functioning at a high degree of efficiency and will continue to do so as we move forward through the various fall events on the club's calendar.

The details of each department's activities can be found in the individual department reports and by your contacting any member of the BOD.

Consistent with our membership growth, our commitment to continue enhancing our physical facilities, which we believe are already the standard for Sportsmen's clubs in our area, will be the development of a new outdoor pistol range with other significant facilities improvements to follow soon thereafter.

It is also with great satisfaction that another of our major objectives is being increasingly achieved which is to make ASC a truly family oriented club. This is clearly evident in the number of youth and ladies that are participating in training classes, range operations, social functions, etc.

I look forward to our enjoying together in the coming months all that ASC has to offer.

Dick Reichter, President