Letter from the President - January 2016

Dear members,

Once again we had another excellent year for our club. We continue to strengthen our fiscally sound financial position while at the same time investing significantly in maintaining and enhancing our physical facilities. The contributions of the directors in 2015 remain structured, disciplined and in all respects exemplary which should insure that the future of our club will be in good hands. My personal thanks to all directors and their efforts last year.

The 2016 Board of Directors is as follows:

Elected seats:

  • President: Mark Klove
  • Vice President: Frank Blezinski
  • Secretary: Jimmy Hehir
  • Treasurer: Brad Reichter

Appointed seats:

  • Training - Steve Cioffi
  • Trap - Tony Capone
  • Indoor Range - Al Croteau
  • Outdoor Range - Phil Proto
  • Facilities - Mike Pierce
  • Community Relations/Development - Matt Lavoie
  • Security - Bill MacKenzie
  • Membership - Steve Harsfald
  • Archery - Bob Beale

I look forward to introducing to you the 2016 Board at the forthcoming January Membership Meeting.

Mark Klove, President