Letter from the President - March 2017

My fellow members;

Understandably, a major snow storm resulted in an in sufficient number of member attendees required for a quorum to be called thereby resulting in the February 9, Membership meeting being canceled. A  Special Membership Meeting was then held on February 19.

According to ASC By Laws the only business that can be discussed at a Special meeting is the subject for which the meeting was  called.  In this instance the permitted business was to discuss and vote on new applicants becoming full ASC members.

I  am confident that most members appreciate the  considerable time and effort they devote every week to making ASC the best club it can be for all members, therefore, it is the obligation of all club members to  volunteer  to help out by donating some of your time, even if only an hour a week, to helping out when possible.

Two areas having a current need for assistance are Membership and Community Relations. As such, all members willing to help should contact the Directors of those two activities at your earliest opportunity. Their contact details are posted on the club's web site.


Dick Reichter, President