Board of Directors Quarterly Update - June 2019

Trap (Richard Bruce):

Wobbles League:  Trap Field #2 was host to a Wobbles Trap League each Wednesday evening this Spring.  There were up to 23 weekly participants vying for the weekly prize of a Weeble for the high score.  Each shooters best 10 scores were tallied to determine who had the top three highest scores. This Spring the top three shooters were: Richard Bruce, Angelo Varvounis and Dan Hynes.  Fun was had by all who played this different version of the game of Trap.

Spring Work Party:  May 11th was the club clean-up day and we painted things that needed painted, cleaned-out the four Trap & Skeet Houses, greased machines, picked-up and disposed of thousands of plastic shell wads with the help of our new "Ammo-up" hull sweeper device, raked leaves, washed windows, etc.  Thanks go out to all who helped to keep our fields looking great and working well.

Alternate Monday Evening Beginner's Trap:  Eric Anderson has been holding a beginners Trap night on alternating Monday evenings at 6pm, and many new people have come out to learn how this game works under his watchful, happy and friendly eye.  There are just two more evenings for this event: July 15th nd July 29.  Thankyou Eric, for encouraging new shooters to try the game and join in the fun.

Inaugural Semi-Formal:  On Saturday, June 15th, a special trap event, "The ASC Semi-Formal" took place.  This was Trap for semi-auto loading shotguns only, and all who came out had a great time and there were big smiles all around.  We will be repeating this as a Special Event on Saturday September 14th, Pig-Roast Day, from 9am till Noon.  See you there!.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):

An air-conditioning unit has been installed. Please! Don’t change setting.  The old sand bags have been repplaced with new bags which you cna use to support your pistol or 22LR rifle. New matt have been installed at each shooting port.  Both the range and bathroom timers have been replaced. Again don’ t turn-back any timers.  Always check the Web site for range activities.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):

Accomplishments/Purchases:  New steel hangers were constructed to replace the mats at the 100 yard, New targets and hangers were also fabricated for the pistol range, Lots of target stands were constructed to replace the ones destroyed,  New tractors tires positioned at the 75 yard, Both dueling trees had paddle replacements/welded.  Monthly maintenance items (paint, hardware including bolts nuts, tools, etc).  To compliment the existing welding equipment, a plasma cutter was purchased and is being used to create custom steel target, Floor fan to provide air circulation,

Events:  Thanks to Allan Arena for putting together the posters/rules and event-brite notice and thanks to Tim Beede for scoring.

On May 18 we held "Rifle Maddness" where 3 sets of 10 rounds were fired with each shooter rotating three times through the targets giving each shooter 90 rounds.  There were 10 steel targets at varing distances woth 1 point for each hit.  We had 14 contestants.  First place was won by Bill Sallie III ($100 cash), second place by Alan Lau ($50 cash) and third place by Matt Keating ($25 cash).  

On June 29th we held a "3-Gunner" event.  Each shooter used a pistol, rifle and shotgun to hit as many targets as possible at a 30 second time limit.  There were 11 contestants.  First place was won by Igor Mollyov with 83 hits, second place by Lloyd Peters with 79 hits and third place by Bill Sallie III with 67 hits.

Items of Note

  • Report of bullet fragments exiting the pistol range on the outdoor riffle building. Consequently, the dueling tree has been moved to the 25 yard marker.
  • Next rifle madness will be held on late August or early September.
  • Please check website for other range closings due to any ASC/Police training sessions.
  • Firearms should be transported from your car to the shooting stations unloaded and with the action open. Cases or shooting bags are preferable. 
  • A “Clear” command MUST be issued to all members shooting on the pistol and rifle bay’s  BEFORE attempting to unlock the yellow gate. Be sure to stand behind the yellow line.
  • Ground shooting at any targets is not allowed on the outdoor range. 
  • Target frames are designed to hold one target centered in the frame. 
  • No silhouette targets allowed.


Community Relations (Stephen Pasco):

Andover Sportsmen’s Club Scholarships:  Andover Sportsmen’s Club (ASC) proudly sponsors multiple scholarships each year to neighboring high school students who enjoy the outdoors and who have an appreciation for conservation. During the month of May, Andover High School and  North Andover High School seniors were awarded scholarships.  Moreover, the Scholarship program is available to Members and their  families.  In 2019 the Club awarded scholarships to eighteen (18) membership recipients.

70th ASC Annual Children’s Fishing Derby:  The 2019 Andover Sportsmen’s Club’s held its 70th Annual Kids Fishing Derby on Saturday, May 4th, at Sudden Pond in Harold Parker State Forest. All Children between the ages of 1-15 years old were welcome. ASC supplied the bait, food, prizes and more. The wet morning weather did not put a damper on the day as over 60 kids turned out for the Annual Event. The overall winner was a five-year-old boy who had never fished before, catching a 16-inch trout.  Trophies were awarded along with raffle prizes.  Breakfast and lunch were served and the day was a complete success! Special thanks to all those who volunteered to help run the event!

Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp (MJCC):  ASC proudly sponsors two campers each year between the ages of 13-17 (girl or boy) who enjoy outdoor activities and want to learn more about the environment to attend the MJCC (The club paid 100% of the $950 campership fee for each entrant). This year, we awarded a 13-year-old boy and girl who are children of members of ASC. Our campers will enjoy traditional summer camp activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and volleyball. Other activities include archery, rifle and shotgun familiarization, hunter education, and forestry survival. Summer camp will take place at the Horace Moses Boy Scout Reservation in Russell Massachusetts between August 4th – August 16th

North East Veterans (NEV) Outreach:  The ASC proudly donates to the NE Veterans Outreach organization each year. ASC Board Members visited the North East Veterans facility and met with senior leadership during the month of June. A tour was provided, which included the construction site of a new facility, which will house 40 veterans. ASC will continue to support this worthwhile organization. 

Gun Owners Action League (GOAL):  ASC will host  Jim Wallace, Executive Director of GOAL, during our September 12th Members Meeting.

Training (Steve Cioffi):

Training would like to wish all members and their family a safe and happy summer.   I would like to take a moment and thank all the people that help make training such a success. Without their help, we could not present such a successful program. THANK YOU ALL ! We continue to offer our staple programs, LTC class, youth safety class, 1 on 1 pistol coaching, accuracy class, and ladies night.  Training has added a new series “Gunsmithing for the Hobbyist”. This series was very well received with approximately 45 members attending the first class.  Watch the calendar for new upcoming classes. I will be adding the NRA CERTIFIED RIFLE and NRA CERTIFIED RIFLE INSTRUCTOR in preparation of the new ASC long rifle range.  Always remember : safety  safety, safety

Membership (Dave Williams):

For the second quarter of 2019 we have taken in 92 new members and for the month of July Special Members's meeting (July 14th) we will be adding 33 new members.  This makes the total so far this year to 233 new members.  There has been a substantial increase in family's joining together. Of importance, each family member needs to complete their own application however, the $250 entrance fee is waived for a spouse and son/daugher aged 18 to 22.

I would also like to remind new members that the club training group conducted over 130 classes last year and is on track to provide at least as many this year.  Almost every class is free to members.  Please check the website for classes and schedues.

Applications for membership and requirements can be obtained at the club website. 

We typically conduct club tours on Sunday mornings between 8am and 9am.  If you are unable to attend a Sunday mornign tour, please contact me and we can setup an alternative tour date.

The Club currently has over 2,600 members from at least 20 surrounding cities and towns and we are working to connect with the people of these communities to further enhance awareness of the Andover Sportsmens Club.  We are seeking your suggestions of events in your community such as a local parade or gathering where the club can setup a table or otherwise share our objectives.  Specifically:

1) to  conserve, restore and manage the wildlife,
2) to  maintain friendly relations with sportsmen and
3) to promote good fellowship, marksmanship and the safe handling of all firearms and other hunting equipment. 

Archery :Robert Beals

Tuesday night Archery has started again and we have had some good weeks so far, new families and members giving Archery a try and loving it.

The new indoor Archery range is progressing nicely; we have some more construction and tasks to complete before we can open it up for use.  The target wall needs to be completed, waiting on materials to be delivered.  The remaining tongue and groove pine boards have arrived and have been installed.  Within the next couple months we hope to be able to open it up.

This summer we have some other plans such as replacing the work bench underneath the archery shooting shelter.  Replacing the picnic tables with three new six foot tables, as always there is trail work that needs to be done, signage and targets to be ordered for the new range.  The roof on the Archers cabin is also slated to be cleared from the moss that has taken over. 

We are planning on moving the two archery containers back so they will line up with the garage and will open up the view of our new building.  Going forward at some point in time we may even have a sitting area with tables.   We do have new more efficient/brighter lighting to be installed on the practice range, this will help tremendously for those that like to utilize the range in the evening hours.

We are looking forward to accomplishing all these tasks, and members enjoying our facilities.

Thanks to all the members that lend a helping hand to make our club the success that it is!!