Board of Directors Update - February 2016

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of February 2016:

Vice President (Frank Bleszinski):
Recently the subject of members allowing others the use of their member badges was discussed. The club badge issued to a member is for their use only and is not allowed to be used by anyone else. Should a member wish for someone else to use a range, the member must accompany them as their guest. Members will be held accountable for violation of this rule.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):

  • Warming room progress is ongoing. Should have a functional room in the next few weeks.
  • Snow blower purchased  for the outdoor range.
  • Andover Police Training scheduled for May 9 – 13th from 9am-3pm. Range closed to all club members during this time.
  • Ground shooting at any targets is not allowed on the outdoor range.
  • New 50 yard berm planned.
  • As always, firearms should be transported from your car to the shooting stations unloaded and with the action open. Cases or shooting bags are preferable.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
The warning light "Blower Motors Off" system has been completed.  If one sees red flashing lights they should stop shooting until the air handling (blower motors) are turned on. Work is being done to update the sound proofing panels.

Trap (Tony Capone):
January was uneventful as far as having a trap shoot but now that the votes are in we will be having a trap shoot in February. 50 bird shoot will be held on Saturday, February 20th at 9am.
Participants will shoot 25 birds from the 16 yard line and depending on their score they will be handicapped for their next 25. This event will cost $15 each and will include the cost of the birds.

Next intro to trap will be held Saturday March 19th at 9am. Please see website for more info.

Archery (Robert Beals):
I have placed our spring order for additional 3d and bag targets, the shipment is expected in approximately 3 three weeks.

We are currently in the process of performing some maintenance and repairs to the practice range and will be replacing some of the targets in the near future.  Please do not move / relocate any targets or make any modifications without prior approval.

I would like to collect email addresses for all archers, so we can have a master contact list for when we need to get in touch with this group for special events or updates, or if there is a need for additional assistance with trail maintenance or other projects.

Security (Bill MacKenzie):
During the month, I received another complaint about one of our members not wearing his club ID badge while on the property. The member was spoken to and will follow the rules in the future.

The access gate was repaired along with the Opti-Com entry system and was tested with the NAPD.

The Knox Box was set up with the NAFD. A master key and contact information was placed in the box for emergency use. The Opti-Com entry system was also tested with the NAFD area engine company.

Two locks were purchased to secure two new storage containers on the property.

Facilities (Mike Pierce):
Rock salt buckets have been installed on all ranges to be used by everyone.

New bathroom sink has been installed in the men's bathroom in the clubhouse.

Bathroom ceilings, kitchen and office ceiling will be put on the schedule shortly to be cleaned, sanded, and painted.

Community Relations (Matt Lavoie):
We are accepting applications for scholarships to family members of club members to be awarded in June. The application can be found at, and can be mailed or scanned and emailed to me ( The deadline for applications is the end of May.

Every year we sponsor two campers for Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp from July 31 through August 12, to be held at Moses Scout Reservation, Russell, MA. We are accepting names now for consideration. Please email me (see above), or see me at any meeting to submit a name. The deadline is the end of April.

Plans are also underway for one of our biggest community events of the year, the 2016 Fishing Derby. It will be held on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at Sudden Pond and will start at 6:00 am. Please let me know if you are available to help.

The club has made a $2000 donation to the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center in Haverhill for the month of Feburary.

Training (Steve Cioffi):
January has been a busy time for training. We have added a "reloading class" to our list of training that we offer. Anyone that is interested in reloading can drop me an email.

We have removed the in home defense class until which time we can offer the complete class.

We will be upgrading the RSO program to a certified program. More information on this will come shortly.

We continue to prepare for the new NRA Pistol Safety Class. More information to come as it is available.

Membership (Steve Harsfald):
Hello to all members, new members, and prospective new members:

Since December our club has had many applications for membership, and we have given several club tours on almost every Sunday morning along with prospective members having breakfast with us. We are currently accepting completed applications for the June 2016 new member group. However, we are working on holding a special membership meeting so we do not have a backlog of applicants going into the summer. We want all new members to be able to enjoy the club. Please watch the website and your email as your group may be moved up to an earlier date. When you receive an email, please read and respond as requested.

The 2016 renewals have closed. Any old member that has NOT renewed will be required to re-apply to the club for membership if they wish to have membership privileges. Key cards for members that have NOT renewed have been turned off. Out of almost 2000 members, we had a loss of 74 members which is a very low figure.

Existing members: 1710
Life Members: 191
Pending Members: 26
Total Members: 1927