Ax Range & Fire Pit

The Axe Range is located next to the fire pit in the BBQ/Picnic area adjacent to the Clubhouse. Two stalls with safety mesh provide a fun and safe environment for hatchets. The range was designed based upon information provided by the Interntional Axe Throwing Federation and by the World Axe Throwing League of which the Club instructors have been so certified. This range is open 24/7, subject to closure for competions, maintenance and training.

All General Safety Rules and Club-Wide Rules apply to this range; Youth or Member badges must be clearly visible at all times.


  • Throwers must be 8+ years of age, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • All throwers are required to wear close-toe flat soled shoes, when throwing hatchets. 
  • All hatchets  are to be thrown from or forward of the black line.  Do Not cross the RED line when throwing. Hatchets  longer than 20” are NOT permitted (NO BIG AXE). The hatchet should weigh a minimum of 1 pound to a maximum of 3.25 pounds. No double-sided hatchets longer than 12 inches.
  • Only one person at a time is allowed to throw an axe hatchet, at the same target.  Only 1 hatchet  is to be thrown at a time. The person must face the target when throwing the hatchet. No trick shots are permitted.  Hatchets should never be thrown at a target when there is already an axe hatchet embedded in the target.
  • Always remain behind the RED line until the hatchet has come to rest either in the target or on the ground. 
  • Hatchets should only be collected once players in the lane have thrown their hatchet and the hatchet has stopped moving.
  • Viewer(s) and throwers, not in the act of throwing, MUST remain outside of the  range e.g.  behind the screened wall

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