Trap Ranges

The Club's Trap Ranges are set up to shoot trap, skeet, and five-stand. It is lighted for operation at night, and features shelters with gunracks for waiting shooters. Currently, the range is open for operation on Wednesday and Thursday nights, as well as Sunday mornings.

For more information on shooting at the range, visit the Trap/Skeet/5-Stand page.

The current Trap Range director is Richard Bruce (

 General Guidelines:

  • Operating Hours: 9am until 9pm
  • Firearms: Shotguns only
  • Caliber Restrictions: .410, 28ga, 20ga, 16ga and 12ga only
  • Maximum Capacity: 1 or 2 rounds, depending on course of fire
  • Maximum Load: 3 dram
  • Maximum Shot Size: 7.5 (7 1/2)
  • WARNING: Any person who uses causes damage to the nets by violating the rules will be held responsible for the cost to repair the nets.

These guidelines are listed here for convenience only. In the event of a conflict with the rulebook, the rulebook shall prevail.