February 2018 Archery Update

Due to the cold weather the completion of the archery wall between the practice range and trap will have to be finished in the spring.

We are having a 3D archery shoot on March 31st, proceeds will be donated to charity.

The shoot is open to members, guests and the public; there will be cash prizes and a 50/50 competition after you complete the course.

There will be two shooting stations set up at each target, one for recurve and one for compound bow shooters; we have a total of 30 targets set up.

Coffee and donuts will be provided as well as lunch with your paid entrance fee.  Kids 15 and under are free.

There are more details and sign up information coming in flyers that will be posted as well as e-mail blasts.

Looking for forward to a great turnout, we encourage you to come out and enjoy our course.