July 2018 Indoor Range Update

There has been a lot of activity on the range for the last 6 months. The good news:

  • The air handling system has been analyzed and design changes were implemented. This seems to have had a positive effect on the air flow. 
  • Member using the range have made a great effort in keeping the area clean. Thank you.
  • The limited use of bays #1 and #8 has reduced the wall damage to almost zero.
  • Members have contacted me when a repair is needed. Thank you!
  • There has been a great reduction of the need to redo target carriers
  • Thanks to the help of John Connolly, the A/C unit was installed. Please don't touch! It is set at the low 70s.
  • To date the range has sold over 4,388 paper targets, turning over $877.60 to the club's general fund

Thanks to All,
Al Croteau, Indoor Range Director