2021 Children's Easter Party results

On April 3, ASC hosted a Children’s easter party. We made use of the archery range, parking lot, and trap range to host three groups of young partiers. In total, about 35 youngsters joined in the fun.  In addition to a hunt for (toy filled) Easter eggs, there were fun, egg-themed games. The youngsters participated in an egg toss and tried their hand at egg and spoon races. And, because the eggs were hard-boiled, there was no mess. I am pleased to report that many prizes were awarded.   Afterward, the crowd busied themselves by decorating the parking lot with sidewalk chalk and blowing bubbles. 

This party would not have been a success without the help of Frank Bleszinski, Bob Cochran, Debra Holden, and LeeAnne Webb. 

Happy Spring,

Doug Cooper
Community Relations Director