Deep Sea Fishing and Whale Watching this July for Club Members


Overview: After considerable research and based upon the strong recommendation of a Gloucester resident whom the Club President has known for more than 40 years arrangements have been made with Connemara Bay Fishing Charters LLC (“CB Charters”) for Deep Sea fishing and whale watching from Gloucester Harbor. CB Charters specializes in inshore: sight-seeing cruises, Stripe Bass and Blue fishing, lobster trap hauling and clambakes and offshore: whale watching, Cod and Haddock deep sea fishing, Tuna and Shark Big Game Fishing. For more information see:

You may sign up for either or both Outings. There will be two boats at the disposal of club members divided into 6 members per boat. For example, if 12 members wish to participate as a group at the same time, they may do so with two boats going in tandem or one group may do Fishing while the other goes Whale Watching. There is actually no limit to the number of persons that can sign up for either outing, however only a maximum of 12 can go at one time.

Outing #1 (FISHING): consists of a 6 hour fishing trip ending with a "hands on” experience of tending a few lobster traps. This outing is for adults or youth 14 years of age or older. A parent or adult guardian must accompany those whose age is 14 through 17. You may bring a cooler with your own drinks and snacks. CB Charters will provide everything needed for fishing as well as a full time mate whose sole responsibility is to assist everyone including those that may not have any prior fishing experience. The mate will also clean and package fish to take home.

Outing #2 (WHALE WATCHING) will be a 5-hour whale-watching trip. No special equipment required. You may bring a cooler with your own drinks and snacks. Binoculars are generally not needed but could be useful. This is for adults and accompanied children of all ages.

Inclement Weather. If the Captain of any boat determines that due to weather conditions, the trip cannot go as planned an alternative date for all six persons will be immediately scheduled as agreed by the six members involved.

Costs & Charter Agreements. The all-inclusive cost per boat for Outing #1 (Deep Sea Fishing) is approximately $1,100 (an average cost $180/person based upon 6 members) and for Whale Watching Outing #2 the cost per boat will be approximately $800 (an average cost $130/person based upon 6 members.) Because the costs are on a boat rather than a per person basis if someone, finds that he or she must cancel it will be that person’s responsibility to find an alternate participant otherwise that will be unfair to the other five persons in the same boat as the per boat fee will be divided by 5 instead of 6 participants. The actual chartering arrangements will be between each participant and CB Charters. However, the club will coordinate all necessary sign-up and boat assignment details.

Coordination. One person in each group of six will be nominated as the contact person for their boat. Each contact person will be provided all CB Charters owner contact details and each contact person will be informed by CB Charters approximately two days prior to each scheduled OUTING informing them of what the weather will be like, what time the they should be at the wharf, what clothes they should wear, etc. That information can then be passed on to the contact person's 5 boat mates. Available Dates. Dates for CB Charter’s boats are filling up quickly, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekdays are easier to schedule than weekends. Accordingly, July 22, 23, 24, 25 have been tentatively scheduled in July. Additional dates can be scheduled in August. If you have no particular preference selecting Thursday and/or Friday dates will be sincerely appreciated.

Reservation Required. If you are interest in participating in either or both outings, please submit a check made payable to CB Charters and mailed c/o Andover Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. at P.O. Box 255, Andover, Ma 01810 or drop the check into the gold mail slot in the clubhouse office door. The check is a deposit for 50% of the outing cost e.g. $90 for outing #1 and/or $65 for Outing #2. The check must be received by the Club by 5pm May 6th. Please also note on the check your preferred date(s) i.e. July 22, 23, 24, 25. The balance will be payable at the end of your outing, made payable to CB Charters and given directly to the Captain.