C&R Firearms Club

Old, antique, collectible or military firearms. Do these interest you?

We are a group of members interested in getting people together to share information, acquisitions and the fun of collecting firearms. We hope to meet once a month. We will have featured firearms and events where people can handle and fire collectible firearms.

  • Do you have your C&R license?
  • Are you interested in getting your C&R license?
  • Not sure what a C&R license is?

At our first monthly meeting we will have an introduction to the Federal C&R License. We will help those interested in obtaining their licenses and share general information. Throughout the year, we may share information with you including but not limited to:

  • C&R sources
  • How to safely determine unknown caliber
  • Cleaning and maintaining old firearms
  • Other topics pertaining to collecting, handling and firing old firearms.

Come join us on April 19th at 9am at the Andover Sportsmen's Club clubhouse. For questions, please contact Steve Cioffi at woodysteve1@hotmail.com

Sunday, April 19, 2015 - 9:00am