Bullseye Pistol Info Session 6pm

This is a free event for ALL members and family members of the Andover Sportsmen's Club.  Steve Ford will present a brief overview with the goal to develop an ASC Bullseye Pistol League. This is an informational meeting to encourage people to learn more about the sport. 

What is Bullseye Pistol Competition?

Bullseye is unique from other forms of pistol competitions because matches are always fired one-handed using a .22 caliber pistol. Bullseye pistol matches are fired on bullseye paper targets (thus the term bullseye) at distances of 50 feet indoors. There are 3 rounds per match: slow-fire (10 shots in 10 minutes), timed fire (5 shots in two 20 second sequences), and rapid fire (5 shots in two10 second sequences). Women, men, and junior shooters fire the same course and pistols. Experienced and inexperienced shooters compete using a handicap scoring system. Training will be available for those who decide to participate.

Questions may be directed to Marcy Wood, Ladies Event Coordinator

Thursday, June 16, 2022 - 8:00pm