President's Message (December 2021)

Dear Members:

Although uncertainties caused by the COVID virus and new variations continue to cause disruptions in certain key ASC areas such as the scheduling of certain training classes the year 2021 was nonetheless a highly successful year in every respect.

Although the number of Training Classes taught was substantially less than the 125 plus classes taught annually “before COVID" the classes that could be held were highly successful.

In addition, all pistol and rifle ranges offered a full schedule of activities throughout the year including a major increase in archery participation as a result of adding the excellent 24/7 all weather indoor range to the three-range archery complex.

 Project management accomplished an extraordinary number of more that 100 projects that serve to maintain ASC facilities at the highest level and initiated the development of new range facilities.

 We continue to support numerous local charities and participate in community activities in a manner that emphasizes our dedication of being widely known as a friendly, family oriented organization with an unrelenting dedication to education safety.

We were also able to offer an expanded number of member social events on virtually a monthly basis. 

We continue to receive a steady flow of new membership applicants and a continued enhancement of our sound financial posture.

It goes almost without saying that the number and content of the foregoing activities require a tremendous amount of voluntary time and dedication by your Board of Directors. 

In closing I must emphasize that although as much information as practical is published on the ASC web site the only way any member can have a full understanding of the club’s activates is to attend the monthly membership meetings.

On behalf of the Board of Directors we thank the membership for its support doing 2021 and look forward to an even more robust year in 2022.

We wish every ASC member your families a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a healthy and happy New Year

Dick Reichter, President



Gene Zella (A member for 69 years)

Gene Zalla  (member for 69 years) 

I am the Community Relations director and historian at the Andover Sportsmen's Club. Gene's son Steve was kind enough to reach out to me and share some of Gene's memories about his years at the club, including the fact that he used to walk to the club grounds (several miles from Ballardvale) and help with the construction of our rifle range. Gene was a stalwart at our fishing derbies. We at ASC appreciate Gene's efforts and they will not be forgotten. May he rest in Peace.

Doug Cooper
Community Relations Director
Andover Sportsmen's Club

Out Door Rifle Range Closed for Engineering Work

The Outdoor Rifle and Pistol Range building will be closed on Thursday December 9th from 9am till 11am for engineering work related to the construction of a longer rifle range.

Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 9:00am to 11:00am

Supporter of the Shriners Children's Hospitals

The Andover Sportsmen's Club, incorporated in 1934, by sportsmen from the local communities, was formed to conserve, restore and manage wildlife; to seek to procure and maintain friendly relations with sportsmen; to cooperate in obtaining proper respect for and observation of the fish and game laws; to spread knowledge of wildlife and to encourage and promote good fellowship.

The Club was incorporated as a Massachusetts Not-For-Profit Corporation, which exempts the Club from payment of taxes on all member related income.   In order to maintain its not-for-profit status, the Club endeavors to promote educational, charitable and benevolent activities in the Andover communities and its environs. The tax savings is substantial and is used to fund operations, range events and maintenance, insurance, utililities and community relations. 

For example, the Club is a proud supporter of the Aleppo Shrinners Hospitals for Children which seeks to provide the highest quality care to children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries and other special healthcare needs by providing exceptional healthcare through innovative research, in a patient and family-centered environment.

Important Notice - Follow the Range Rules !

Most Commonly Abused Club/Range Rules:

  •  Not Wearing your badge while on Club property.
  •  Not Wearing the required Eye Protection while on the Ranges.
  •  Not wearing the required Ear Protection while on the Ranges.
  •  Using multiple bays when accompanied by guests while on the Rifle and Pistol Ranges.
  •  Not keeping the proper distances with guests while on the Ranges.
  •  Shooting at “Human Form” targets.
  • Shooting on the two outer bays on the Indoor Pistol Range with larger than 22 caliber ammunition.
  • Members not removing targets after shooting on the Outdoor Rifle Range.
  • Shooting with the blowers “off” on the Indoor Pistol Range.
  • Relocating the Dueling Trees on the Outdoor Rifle/Pistol Range.
  •  Relocating Targets on the Archery Field and 3D Course.
  • Shooting with more than 10 rounds in a magazine.

 If you are doing any of the things listed above, you are breaking the Club’s Rules. All of these infractions are listed in the Clubs Rules on the website and on the Ranges. Penalties for violations of any of the Range Rules listed or posted shall vary from a warning to suspension and may even include expulsion which is clearly stated in the Club’s Range Rules and Bylaws. Please familiarize yourself with the Range Rules and follow them. You and your fellow members and guests’ safety depend on it.
Inquiries can be made to the Secretary at



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