Ladies Night - Indoor Archery!

Ladies archery proved a great success and left the ladies asking for more archery sessions.



Indoor Pistol Range Status

Explanation for Indoor Pistol Range being Closed


We hope the range will re-open on Tuesday 3/2 - no guarantees. The following is a recap of the crazy delays we have experienced concerning the indoor pistol range.  If anything can go wrong with a project this is an example of "everything" going wrong.   


Specifically, a few weeks ago, while doing routine indoor range maintenance and inspection, one of the bolts which secured a blower/fan unit had sheared-off  (likely a lower grade steel bolt was used at some point in the past).  Upon further inspection, the fan housing was cracked and there was a distinct wobble in the shaft. The manufacturer stated that the range must be shut-down immediately as the fan could actually rip-apart and destroy the housing, etc with potential injury to anyone present.  So the range was closed.  


The Board of Directors made an emergency vote to authorize the purchase and installation of a new fan.  It took a few days to get the fan from Chicago. 


Upon installation, the motor would not re-start.  


It was removed and replaced with a Club back-up motor.  The back-up motor was a rebuilt unit, it failed! 


Immediately a new motor was purchased. Now cold weather, snow, broken water pipes, shut-down the central part of the country for 5 days.   The new replacement motor was on a pallet at the FEDEX main hub  at the closed Memphis, TN airport.  The new motor was finally shipped and arrived at a shipping terminal in Billerica, Ma.  Instead of waiting for a local truck to deliver the motor to our address, we chose to pick-up the motor at the terminal.  


The motor weight was 187 lbs. We borrowed a pick-up Truck and arrived at the terminal (Wed 2/24) to find that the motor was damaged during shipment - a huge dent in the housing and broken parts inside.  


We refused the shipment.  We spoke to the Seller. Sent him pictures.  He will follow-up with claim and he also re-sent via a different carrier a new new motor which as of Thursday was in North Carolina.  


We hope to pickup the new new motor on Monday, install it and be open for Indoor Range shooting Tuesday - but no guarantees - as there seems to be a black cloud looming overhead.


While the indoor pistol range has been closed, we have accelerated previously planned repairs and upgrades so that when the range is finally open, it will stay open with the exception of routine maintenance.


Please double-check the website calendar updates on range closures, so you can plan accordingly.

Brad Reichter


2/28/21 update. Motor is in New Haven, CT. It should arrive in Billerica on 3/2. We should be able to get it and install it by 3/3/21.

Archery League Update

We had a great turn out for the informational meeting for the upcoming Archery League.  I would like to thank Jim and Jorge for taking charge and for all the effort in setting it up.  I would also like to thank all the participants that are making the league a reality.

Format of the league

  • Start date Tuesday March 9th 12:00 noon
  • League will run for 10 consecutive weeks
  • Each shooter will sign up for one (same repeating) time slot per week
  • Scheduled time slots:

    Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:30

    Tuesdays  5:00 - 6:30

March Membership Meeting replaced by Special Meeting Mar 14th

My fellow members, it is with continuing disappointment that the March 11, 2021 regularly scheduled Membership meeting is canceled due to continuing  COVID-19 guidelines.
Please also be hereby officially advised that there will be a Special Membership meeting on Sunday March 14th at 9:00 AM for the singular purpose of considering new membership applicants 
Dick Reichter, President


Mass Wild Life Proposed New Fees

The Andover Sportsmen's Club (the "Club") is a member of the  League of Essex County Sportsmen's Clubs (the "League").  This league was established to to promote a cooperative program for protection, propagation and restoration of forests, fish, and game, to promote and establish more cordial relations between sportsmen and landowners, to cooperate and assist in the enforcement of the game laws and to promote, protect and perpetuate PUBLIC hunting, fishing and trapping in this Commonwealth.

League Meetings occur on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Danvers Fish and Game in Middleton, MA. There are no meetings in July and August. Should you be interested in representing the Club please contact either Jonathan Belinowiz ( or Frank Bleszinskii (

At the most recent Legue meeting, Mass Wildlife presented a proposed new fee schedule to (1) address their revenue shortfall, (2) sustain the Inland fish and Game Fund for another decade, (3) to be comparable to other New england states and (4) to go into effect in 2022. This new fee schedule would be the 1st increase in 26 years.  

Click here to download the Mass Wildlife Proposed Fee Schedule



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