A Letter from the President - 2023

As we come to the end of another year, I am sure 2023 will be one that most of us will not soon forget. With numerous changes and events that have effected all of us on a personal as well as a social level, to say it has been an interesting year would be an understatement.  I would like to take a moment and thank all of you that have helped to make 2023 another successful year at ASC. For all of you that have helped out at a range, special event, training event, community event, facilities event, monthly membership meetings, kitchen or behind the scenes, I THANK YOU.

To the officers and Board of directors. I thank you. Your effort and hard work is what makes ASC the best club around. I would like to share with you just a little of what it takes to make Andover Sportsmen’s Club  the best family orientated club around:

  • Vice President.  Organizing the kitchen which often served up to 50 meals per Sunday breakfast. Helped organized and  run Easter egg hunts, fireworks display, fishing derby, fishing trip, Italian dinner, Pig roast Kids Christmas party.
  • Secretary. Recorded all BOD and special Board meetings. Reports these meetings to the membership. Monitors all incoming calls and voice mails to the club. Handles all formal club correspondence.
  • Treasurer, Handles all financial transactions, 13 separate operating budgets. Responsible for cash management and paying all club bills.
  • Project manager and Facilities, responsible for improvements to club house, improvement to indoor archery building, building and improvements to our training range, building and improvements to our Ax range, over seen blasting and excavation of our long distance rifle range. Continues with feasibility studies for an ASC fishing pond as well as a separate training facility.
  • Outdoor rifle and pistol ranges. An incredible staff that maintains , welds and paints 90 + steel targets for your shooting pleasure. A training range that seriously diminishes the interruption of range time for our members that is utilized by 8 police departments.
  • Indoor pistol range. Works tirelessly to maintain the range so it is available to members 24 / 7. Where our pistol team practices and hold competitions. Replaced all air filtration filters. Has provided over 8000 targets this year.
  • Skeet and trap. Building of a new high house, maintains and improvements to two trap fields. Holds many special events for our membership.
  • Archery. Improvements to the indoor archery building. Replaced the complete target area of the indoor facility, Acquired  new target as well as Olympic style targets
  • Membership. has handled 400+ new members this year. Family and friends have joined to enjoy the club and all it offers.
  • Training. An incredible job revitalizing our training dept which was seriously effected by covid. From ax throwing training, Archery training, Shotgun training , LTC training, Youth training , Ladies night. Has brought Refuse To Be A Victim training, not only to our membership but also to our senior center and community.
  • Community Relations (Fishing derby, car show, Kids Christmas party, Easter egg hunt). Sponsors local High School students with College Scholarships. Donations to our vets at Veteran North East Out Reach center, Ironstone farms, Tewksbury youth trap league, local youth baseball team, Andover Day, guest speakers from GOAL.
  • Safety. Responsible for all club safety. Handles all club rule infractions which may or may not lead to disciplinary action taken by the board. Ensures all compliance with the state for the safe operation of all ranges.


As you can see, it takes a substantial amount of dedicated people and hard work to provide a Safe, Family atmosphere club for our membership. These are the many people, that make ASC a success and the best club around.

I wish you and your Family a very Happy and Safe Holiday season !

Thank you

Stephen Cioffi, ASC President

Presidents 2022 Mid-Year Message



It is with both a sense of responsibility and pride that I provide the members of the Andover Sportsmen's Club (“ASC") this "State of the Club" report midway through 2022.


RANGE OPERATIONS: The scope of ASC range facilities continues to grow and now consists of  (i) three (and soon to be four) outdoor rifle/pistol ranges, (ii) two lighted trap/skeet/5-stand ranges, (iii) a complex of three archery ranges two of which are lighted and open 24/7 with one being an all weather indoor range and the other a 70 yard practice range.  The 3rd range involves more than 40 acres of wooded trails, (iv) a 24/7 indoor pistol range and (v) two new event ranges, one for axe throwing and the other air guns.

By accessing the ASC website it can reasonably be concluded that all range directors have been extraordinarily busy, aggressive and creative with respect to creating a wide range of activities for all ASC members to enjoy.


NON-RANGE OPERATIONS: We are rapidly recovering from the COVID hiatus. The following summarizes the present status of each department.


TRAINING: We are rapidly approaching the Pre Covid standard of annually offering approximately 125 separate training classes including the introduction of new classes. The level of ASC member interest in all classes is evinced by their becoming fully booked as soon as they appear on the training schedule.


COMMUNITY RELATIONS:  In order to maintain a reputation of being a “good neighbor" we remain committed to not only participating in general community sponsored activities but also in ASC initiatives such as (i) post high school continuing student scholarships, (ii) summer camp youth scholarships, (iii) providing financial support to a wide range of worthy charities (iv), providing for the 71st time, later this year, the annual fishing derby open free to all local area youth age 15 and under. This event includes ASC stocking a pond in the Harold Parker State Forest as well as adult assistance, prizes and lunch and (v)providing  assistance to the local elderly community by offering the extremely popular class on "how not to be a victim” at the Andover Senior Center.


SAFETY AND SECURITY: We have a zero tolerance policy with respect to any violation of club safety rules. We have an established multi faceted system that allows the BOD to act swiftly and firmly with respect to each violation.  ASC also maintains close relationships with local law enforcement agencies by providing free training facilities and hosting special events such as the recent NEMLEC equipment exhibition and presentation. In addition, we will soon have available for police training a new outdoor pistol practice range that will partially alleviate the necessity for closing ranges to members when police training is taking place.


SOCIAL EVENTS: We are averaging at least one social event monthly designed to appeal to all members within our dedicated family oriented mantra. Those events include theme dinners, Christmas and Easter children’s parties as well as the outstanding annual Independence day fireworks display that in 2022 will be held on Friday July1 and a highly successful Antique Auto Show.


FACILITIES: The objective of insuring that ASC facilities keep pace with our growing membership base continues to be achieved within a bespoke financial control system that allows ASC to remain in an unusually sound financial condition notwithstanding inflation driven increases in operating costs and significant annual capital investments without raising annual dues.  Subsequent to our adopting the Project Management Concept major facility developments have included:


  • A complete refurbishing of the Club House
  • Installation of a high capacity automatic generator
  • Re-finishing the club driveway and parking areas.
  • Development of the outdoor pistol range
  • Development of a special event/training pistol range
  • Development of a second, lighted, Trap/Skeet/5-stand range
  • Development of an indoor, all weather, 24/7 archery range
  • Development underway for a 250-yard rifle range and the simultaneous modifications to the adjacent rifle/pistol range. This is a major undertaking that when finished will offer an efficient, modern operation in an attractive natural setting that will make this a major attraction for many years to come.
  • Development of competition style axe throwing range.
  • Development of an outdoor relaxation area that includes a fire pit, horseshoe tossing and an air gun range.


MEMBERSHIP: The ASC Membership Department has done an outstanding job of explaining to visitors and new membership applicants the essence of the above listed efforts with the result being a steadily growing membership base consisting of a significant increase in women, youth and family members. Related membership department activities include weekly tours of ASC facilities and, in conjunction with the Safety and Security department, conducting the extremely important new member orientation programs.

Although each of the above mentioned individual efforts is apparent to everyone involved on a day to day basis when viewed collectively the combined scope and diversity is even more impressive and brings to mind one of my favorite Winston Churchill expressions which, in his uniquely eloquent way, was "never before in the annals of human kind has so much been done for so many by so few".

Admittedly, with no disrespect intended, applying an expression originally offered under extreme conditions to ASC activities may seem a bit churlish. However, the underlying principle of those words is entirely appropriate. With that in mind perhaps the membership (as the “many") will take the time to occasionally express your appreciation to BOD members (as the “few") that constantly devote incredible amounts of personal time and effort (as the “so much") for the benefit of us all.

On behalf of the ASC BOD I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer holiday.


Dick Reichter, President  

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