Range Rules

Range Rule Changes effective Jan 5, 2023

The Board of Directors voted to make the following changes to the club range rules, effective immediately. 

1)   Axe Range and Air Gun Range (see Para 2.16 thru 2.26). The rules of these ranges have been completely revised.

2)   Smoking (see para 1.05) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse building (including but not limited to the meeting area, office, kitchen, annex and Indoor Range). Smoking is not permitted in the Indoor Archery Range, the Archery Hut, the enclosed Trap Pavilion nor anywhere in the Outdoor Pistol Range Building.  Smoking is not permitted forward of the yellow safety line of the Outdoor Rifle/Pistol Range Building nor in the Outdoor Rifle/Pistol Range Building viewing/warming room.  Smoking is not permitted anytime Black powder is present (within 50 feet). 

3)  Targets (see para 1.11)  Only paper targets mounted on Club supplied frames may be fired at with rifles and handguns, except for shooting at Club provided steel targets at the Outdoor Range.  Only paper targets or clay pigeons may be fired at with shotguns. Plinking (shooting at cans, rocks, glass bottles, etc.) is strictly prohibited.  The use of explosive targets is prohibited, except when used in a special Club event.  Silhouette targets, i.e. any target that looks like a person or a silhouette of a person or part of a silhouette of a person is prohibited and is a violation of Massachusetts law. Anyone found in possession of a human form silhouette target on club property, except by public safety personnel performing in line with their official duties, will be immediately suspended from the use of any club facilities, pending an investigation, pursuant to Club Rules.


Please download a copy of the Club Rules  and familiarize yourself with Gun Safety Rules, Club-Wide Rules and the rules of the range(s) which you use.

see www.andoversportsmensclub.org select Members, then select Club Range Rules or copy& paste the following link to your browser http://andoversportsmensclub.org/downloads/Club-Rules 01-05-2023.pdf

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