No human form targets allowed

Explanation as to why human form/silhouette targets

can NOT be used at the Andover Sportsmen’s Club


The Andover Sportsmen’s Club was formed in-part to encourage and promote good fellowship, marksmanship and the safe handling of all firearms.  Our motto  “Safety First”  transcends our facilities, rules, practices and training programs. 

In 2006, the Club applied for and after investigation and inspection by the Colonel of the State Police, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, (pursuant to MGL Chapter 140, Section 131) issued its first ever “Club Class A License” to the Andover Sportsmen’s Club. 

Until 2006, all training classes used firearms borrowed from members with no assurance of proper maintenance. Moreover, if an injury occurred with a member loaned firearm, that member could easily be held personally liable for damages. 

However, with the Club Class A License, the Club is the legal owner of the firearm. This eliminates the need to borrow firearms and thus saving member’s from the potential of personal liability.    Firearms can now be purchased for specific types of training.  All Club owned firearms can be expertly maintained. 

The Club Class A License holds the Club to the same standard of care as does an individual’s Class A license as well as additional requirements.  For example:

“Such club shall not permit shooting at targets that depict human figures, human effigies, human silhouettes or any human images thereof, except by public safety personnel performing in line with their official duties.”

This restriction is set forth in the Club Range Rules, is posted on the ranges, is explained in all training classes, is explained to new members in every orientation and is strictly enforced.

Be aware that at a disciplinary hearing on January 7, 2021, concerning the shooting at a human silhouette target, a member has been suspended for 150 days.

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