Range Rules Updated 09/02/2021

September 2, 2021

The Board of Directors voted to make the following changes to the club range rules, effective immediately. 

1)   Indoor Ranges. The Club has an indoor pistol range and an indoor archery range and both are open 24/7.

2)   New Gate.  If you are behind someone upon entering the property WAIT until the gate arm has completed its movement, then swipe your key card to gain access.  If you are behind another car exiting the property wait for the arm to complete its movement. Violators will be identified by all means available including their license plates and subject to disciplinary actions.

3)   Crossbows are not permitted on any 3-D course; however, crossbows are permitted on the practice range and in the indoor archery building.

4)   Axe Range An axe throwing range, located between the clubhouse and the garage, is under construction. A notice will be posted when the range can be used. Rules for use include:  Only hatchets no longer than 20” with wooden handles only. No double-sided hatchets.   Throwers must be 10+ years of age, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  All throwers are required to wear close-toe shoes when throwing axes.  All axes are to be thrown from the black line. Only one person a time is allowed to throw an axe.  Always remain on the nearest side of the RED line when throwing.  Always remain behind the RED line until the axe has come to rest either in the target or on the ground.  Viewer(s) and throwers, not in the act of throwing, MUST remain behind the black line or behind the screened wall.

5)  Shotgun patterning is allowed on the 100 yard side of the outdoor rifle/pistol range building.

Please download a copy of the Club Rules and familiarize yourself with Gun Safety Rules, Club-Wide Rules and the rules of the range(s) which you use.



Whether you are a new member or have been a member  for many years, we encourage you to re-familiarize yourself with the Club’s Range Rules, especially the General Rules, Club-Wide Rules and the Rules specific to the range(s) which you utilize.  A current copy of the Club & Range Rules can be downloaded from the Club’s website at: see Members Section).  

Be advised that a member who had been with the Club for over 20 years has been expelled because, at a formal Hearing, the Board of Directors determined that the member was an un-safe gun owner due to the magnitude of multiple range violations in addition to which the member exhibited un-sportsmanlike conduct towards his fellow members.

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