Trap Range Closure

2022 Trap Spirit Shoot

2022 Spirit Shoot

Saturday, 8:15am, October 29

The annual Spirt Shoot is always fun, and I though that holding it near Halloween would be even more fun…..  It will be run similarly to years past with 3 squads each of 5 different games giving us a total of 75 shooter positions with 75 prizes being awarded. So yes, everyone gets a trophy. Games are yet undecide upon, but a wish list for suggestions will be placed on the Trap House bulletin board. Please offer your favorites and the games with the most suggestions are what we will play.

  • Cost will be $5 per game per person
  • 15 shots per game to keep things moving along quickly
  • Please show up by 8:15am to allow for timely sign-up
  • As an added bit of interest, since this event will be but 2 days prior to Halloween, costumes are requested! Random prizes will be given to those brave enough to participate in this part of the day

I will also be looking for 4 volunteers to help with scoring, collecting monies, getting the squads ready and in general, The Herding of Cats.

Richard Bruce, Trap Director


Saturday, October 29, 2022 - 8:15am
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