Trauma Class

On Saturday, February 24th the ASC Training Department held a Trauma Class which was lead by David Cioffi, a Boston Paramedic who is the brother of our Director of Training, Steve Cioffi. David has 20 years experience and has also been a regular on the ABC mini series “Boston EMS”. In this class, we learned how to stop a bleeding bullet hole wound and how to apply a tourniquet to a bleeding limb on a realistic simulator. This Trauma Class provided life saving techniques to all of the members that attended.


First Straight-25 on New Trap Field

On Wednesday, February 28th, our newest Trap Field was in full effect and member, Manny Mujic not only shot his first 25 Straight but it was the first Straight shot on the new field. Traditionally, the shooter’s hat is sent down field and shot at by members. The hat will be displayed in the Trap House.


Adios Winners

Most times when we shoot Trap, we play an elimination game that we call “Adios”. We have recently made it customary to take a photo of the winner wearing the poncho and sombrero. The last four winners pictured are: Peter C, Kip S, Jeff D, and Steve R. We’re not really sure that they’re happy they won.



Accuracy Class Training

On Sunday, Feb 18, our ASC Training Department, headed by the Director of Training Steve Cioffi, including Jim McNamara, Guy Klose and Mike Patane, held a Pistol Accuracy class. If you have any questions regarding our training program, please feel free to reach out to Steve Cioffi at


New Trap Field Hosted The "Treat Your Valentine" Shoot

Aerial view taken by Mike DeNuzzio of WDR Enterprises.



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