Important Notice for Prospective and Current Members

To all prospective new members: please visit our membership page. If you print a copy of the Membership Application, fill it out completely, and enclose required documents, you can now pay online. Just follow the directions, and after your payment is validated, please print a copy of your receipt, scan all documents, and email them to (or mail the entire package to the P.O. box address on the application). We are trying to make the application process easier.

To all current members: please submit the email address you prefer to use to to, especially if there has been any changes since you have joined. We sent out email invoices for renewal of membership for the first time last year and we are still making improvements so that you can also pay online to renew your membership. It is still the member's responsibility to have their dues paid by December 31st, or to contact the club treasurer.

We will be making some more enhancements to pay for items online soon, so keep checking the website for more details.


Archery Facilities Meeting

Archery will be having a meeting at 10am on Saturday, March 28th (please note the rescheduled date) in the main clubhouse, for the purpose of:

  • Discussion of ideas and plans for the repair of the exterior of the Archery Cabin and remodel of the interior of the cabin.
  • Preparation of a proposal for these changes to be submitted to the Board of Directors.
  • Introduction of proposal for adding an indoor archery range.

We are looking for positive and constructive ideas and feedback. If you are currently using the archery facilities, please try to attend. If you cannot make it, but have some ideas, please try to get them to me.

Bob Felsberg
Archery Director.

Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 10:00am

2015 Range Safety Officer training

The 2015 RSO (Range Safety Officer) training will take place at 8:30pm after the April 9th member's meeting in the clubhouse. To attend you must sign up on EventBrite via the link below beforehand.

This class is required for any members who want to become an official RSO (Range Safety Officer) at the club. Existing RSOs must also attend in order to be recertified for the current calendar year.

An RSO must have proven knowledge of all range safety rules, and knows how to properly assist a member or guest when a rule violation occurs. 

This class includes a review of all range safety rules, as well as instruction on the appropriate method for handling a rule violation with the violator(s). There will be ample time for questions.  A presentation will be made by each range director as well as the club security director.

At the conclusion of the class all students will receive an "RSO" sticker to affix to their club membership card to indicate their status as an RSO.

You MUST sign up for the class via EventBrite in order to take the class and become/renew an RSO:

Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 8:30pm

Letter from the President - March 2015

Dear members,

Are you tired of winter yet? According to my calendar, spring is only 15 days out. Relief is “just around the corner”.

I’m happy to report that  all ASC operations are continuing including the re-development of the club house and kitchen. We still are seeing a steady increase in the number of members that enjoy breakfast at the club on Sunday, and an increase in the number of members that enjoy our mid-week poker break.

We look forward to seeing you at the club.

Mark Klove, President

Board of Directors Update - March 2015

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of March 2015.

To read the reports, please click the "Read More" link on the bottom right of this post.


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