Special Membership Meeting & New Member Orientation

All ASC members are hereby advised that, consistent with ASC By-Laws, a Special Membership Meeting will be held at 6pm on Wednesday August 3rd, 2022 for the sole purpose of considering the admission of new applicants to the ASC membership.  

Dick Reichter, President

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 - 6:00pm

A Message from the Treasurer for 2021 Membership Dues

Dear Members:

Our year runs from January 1 to December 31. Dues are paid in advance of the upcoming year. We will begin invoicing the members in September 2020 in order to provide you with 4 months advance notice so that you can renew your membership for 2021 prior to December 31, 2020.  As a result of our financial structure we have been able to fully operate, while making numerous repairs and upgrades all of which was un-affected by COVID-19 which stymied many shooting activities and programs.  By paying your dues when invoiced in September/October the club management can better plan the operating budget for 2021 and you can rest assured that your membership is renewed.  

Due to the volume of members, invoices will be generated  alphabetically on the last name and sent via email.  If your email address has changed in the past year, please notify the treasurer as soon as possible with your new address (  We request that members pay their 2021 dues via the link contained in their email.  This link is unique to each member.  Payment via this method directly credits the member's account, with minimal clerical effort.  If you experience a problem with the link please contact the Treasurer.  If you would prefer writing a check  please make the check payable to "Andover Sportsmen's Club, Inc."  in the amount of $130 and include your badge number in the memo section.  Please mail to the Andover Sportsmen's Club, Inc. at Post Office Box 255, Andover, MA  01810.

Be aware that if the club doesn't actually receive your renewal payment by 5pm on 12/31/2020, you will be dropped from the membership list, not be permitted to access the club property, and your key card will be deactivated. You may, within 30 days thereafter, be reinstated if you provide a written request for re-instatement satisfactory to the Board of Directors and remit your 2021 dues plus a $30 late fee. After January 31st, 2021 you will be deemed delinquent for nonpayment and cannot be re-instated.  At that point, your only option would be to re-join as a new member.



Brad Reichter, Treasurer


Indoor Range Closed for Training

The Indoor Pistol Range will be closed for Training from 1pm to 4pm on October 6th.

Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Tuesday Night Archery

The re-launch of Tuesday Night Archery went off without a hitch. There were men, women, children and hot dogs and hamburgers of course.  Stay tuned as we look to have this event scheduled on a more permanent basis.

Clubhouse Policies Addendum

An addendum of the Clubhouse Policies have been instated, and are effective immediately. These policies can be viewed under the "Members" section of the website, or can be viewed directly by clicking here.

Any inquiries regarding these policies can be made to the Club Secretary at


Herren Talks

On Thursday, February 7th, Community Relations Director, Steve Pasco along with longtime member and Board Member, Steve Cooper had the pleasure of announcing Chris Herren to the Andover High School, Collins Center Stage.

An extraordinary basketball player, Chris Herren was a celebrated star in his native Fall River, MA before graduating high school. He went on to play at Boston College and Fresno State, two seasons in the NBA – including one with his hometown team, the Boston Celtics – and seven seasons overseas before losing it all to the disease of addiction.

With the unwavering support of his family and friends, Chris has been sober since August 1, 2008, and he now shares his story with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of others. His recovery journey has been documented in the bestselling memoir, “Basketball Junkie,” the Emmy-nominated ESPN Films documentary, “Unguarded” and in countless local, national and international stories by The New York Times, The Boston Globe and Sports Illustrated, among others. Through Herren Talks, Chris has spoken to over 1 million students and community members, sparking honest discussions about substance use disorder and wellness.

In 2011, Chris grew his vision of support for others when he founded the nonprofit Herren Project. Through the organization, Chris and his team empower schools and communities to make healthy choices, while also guiding families through recovery. In 2018, Chris also founded Herren Wellness, a residential health and wellness program that helps guests lead healthy, substance-free lives. The Andover Sportsmen's Club is proud to have sponsored Andover High School in having Chris speak with parents, students and faculty.


Clubhouse Policies

A set of Clubhouse Policies have been instated, and are effective immediately. These policies can be viewed under the "Members" section of the website, or can be viewed directly by clicking here.

Any inquiries regarding these policies can be made to the Club Secretary at


Archery Update

The Platform near the “Bowl” is close to completion. Archery Director Bobby Beals along with the efforts of Marty Finn, Jesse Hill and Robert Jr. have really added a nice touch to this trail as there are five targets at that position. Archers have more to be excited about as construction for the new Indoor Archery Facility is underway.

Tuesday Night Archery

Tuesday October 23rd we will hosting Tuesday Night Archery. We will start at 5:30 to 8:00. If you have never tried archery and would like to give it a try, please come join us, bows will be available.

If you're already an archer, please feel free to join us as well. We will also have hamburgers, hotdogs and refreshments.

Additional Lockers for Rent

The club has 24 more 12x12x18” lockers available to our members for an annual rental fee of $25. The new lockers are located at the bottom of the steps leading to the Indoor Range.

Interested parties need to pre-pay for the box rental before using it, and should contact the club treasurer (Brad) at