Club History

This page will contain factoids unearthed by the club's Historian, Doug Cooper. Each month, we hope to have a new fact posted as well as some pictures and other content. This is a work in progress, so stay tuned!

In September of 1934 Jim Henderson, member of ASC, won first prize in the registered skeet shoot at Essex County League field day. He broke 49 out of 50. The field day was held on the club grounds which, at the time, were on Porter Road in Andover.

I discovered meeting notes about improvements to the club grounds in 1988.  Construction of the outdoor range shelter was to begin in either late September or early October. Work on the tree stand on the archery range was supposed to start on the day after Thanksgiving. I read ahead into 1989 and it seems that all projects proceeded on schedule. Also, according to the meeting notes “a motion was made to open of the porch and put a door in place of the [not legible] and closing the end by the door motion passed unan.”

On July 14, 1932, the club met at the log cabin at Phillips Academy. Thirteen members were present at the meeting and 20 were absent. Eight members were accepted into the club. The balance in the treasury was $164.32. The next meeting was scheduled for July 28 and was to be held at the president’s house, 54 Salem Street in Andover. According to my research, that house was owned by Gordon Cannon.

On May 5-6 1950, the Club sponsored its second fishing derby; which was then called the Junior Angler’s Jamboree. The Club stocked Hussey’s pond with 200 fish and it was estimated that 83 percent of them were caught. The winner was David Markert, aged 4. He caught a fish that was 11 ½ inches in length. David won a new rod, line, and hook.

The Andover Sportsmen’s club was formalized on December 12, 1934 with a charter signed by 12 members. The charter’s stated purpose was “to better hunting and fishing conditions in this state and create a more friendly feeling among the sportsmen of this vicinity.”

In February of 1982, several members participated in a work party to replace beams in the cellar of the club house. The members identified in the polaroid photos are: Jerry Woodmansee, Fran (Frank?) Gallant, Frank Greslick, Joe Guanci, and Al Griffin.

The Club’s fall 1999 newsletter reported on the success of the pistol teams. The Kodiaks finished in 1st place in division B of the Merrimack Valley pistol league (14 wins, 2 losses). The top shooter of the season was Joe Elliot who had a high average of 274. The Grizzlies (in divison C) ended the season with 10 wins and 6 losses. The top shooter was T.J. Baker who had a high average of 271.40