Adios Winner

One of our last Adios winners on the Trap Field was Elliot Bruce.


3-Gunner Event Results

Phil Proto and Allan Arena from the Outdoor Rifle Range Department are pleased to announce the winners of the 3-Gunner Event that took place on the 28th of July. They had a great turnout and everyone had a great time:

First Place:  Matthew Keating
Second Place: William Sallie
Third Place: Dominic Truchon

Pig Roast

Annual Pig Roast - Sept 29, 2018 

Competitions start at 9am, the meal will be served at approximately 1:00pm.

(All Ranges  are closed from Noon til 4:00pm.)

Saturday, September 29, 2018 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

July 2018 Indoor Range Update

There has been a lot of activity on the range for the last 6 months. The good news:

  • The air handling system has been analyzed and design changes were implemented. This seems to have had a positive effect on the air flow. 
  • Member using the range have made a great effort in keeping the area clean. Thank you.
  • The limited use of bays #1 and #8 has reduced the wall damage to almost zero.
  • Members have contacted me when a repair is needed. Thank you!
  • There has been a great reduction of the need to redo target carriers
  • Thanks to the help of John Connolly, the A/C unit was installed. Please don't touch! It is set at the low 70s.
  • To date the range has sold over 4,388 paper targets, turning over $877.60 to the club's general fund

Thanks to All,
Al Croteau, Indoor Range Director

July 2018 Letter from the President

At this mid-point of 2018 I believe it appropriate that the first six months be described as having been a notable success.

With respect to facilities, all ranges are operating efficiently including trap range # 2, that opened in December 2017, and the prior opening of the new outdoor pistol range. Our facilities will soon be augmented by the addition of an indoor all-weather archery range. We believe that when the new facility is viewed in conjunction with more than 40 acres of wooded archery trails, a lighted 24/7 outdoor practice range and additional archery training classes, ASC can rightfully claim to having one of, if not the, most attractive archery facility in our region.

Further to the education aspect of our charter, new classes of all types are regularly being added with fully qualified instructors. It is likely that the number of classes conducted in 2018 will exceed the approximate 125 classes taught in 2017. We believe this is essential to our constant effort of insuring that ASC is the safest, most welcoming, family oriented club possible with the best possible facilities for all members of ASC families to enjoy.

The operations of our club continue to be conducted in a disciplined and financially responsible manner. That has allowed us to balance new facilities investments within controllable revenues while at the same time keeping pace with the requirements of a growing membership.

We encourage all members to regularly view the club’s website and, commencing in September, to attending the monthly membership meetings. By doing so you will be better informed about the significant efforts and achievements being made in all other areas such as Membership, Community Relations and Safety and Security as well as club social activities.

Within the next few days Directors will post on the website updated status reports regarding their department’s planned activities during the last half of 2018.

On behalf of the ASC Board of Directors we wish all ASC members and your families a relaxing, enjoyable and especially a safe summer holiday period.

Dick Reichter, President


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