Summer Membership Update

Hope everyone is having a good summer and enjoying the club when you can. I do want to thank everyone involved with the June Special Membership Meeting. The meeting went off without a hitch, and we brought in 108 new members with range safety orientations in just about 3 hours.

When we resume membership meetings in September, the new member class is full. Applications are received on a first in basis with 20 slots per month and October is half full now. Tours are available on a limited basis, so if you are interested, you must confirm with membership director when tours are available (

As a reminder, emails will be going out in September for 2017 dues that are due before 12/31/16. If your email has changed, or you do not have email, please make sure we have your correct address on file. But remember, you are still responsible to renew before 12/31/16. If there is a problem, deployment, or college, please contact the treasurer and arrangements will be made.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer safely, and see you at the club.

-Steve Harsfald, Membership Director


Archery Field Fully Open

The archery field work has been completed, and is now open for full use.

To All Regular & Prospective Members

As we start our summer hiatus, we are having a special membership meeting Sunday June 26th at 9am. This meeting should be complete by noon. We are going to vote in 108 new members to the club. The outdoor and indoor ranges will be closed for safety orientation until noon, while trap and archery will function as normal. The club is open for normal Sunday breakfast, there will be muffins, donuts and coffee for the new members meeting. I am asking the new members not to order cooked breakfast on this Sunday.

With this said, it will be a crowded morning. We will have members showing people where to park, please be patient if you get blocked in for a short time. Regular members are welcome to attend the special meeting, but after the vote, we will go directly into the classroom portion of Range Safety Orientation, then the groups will go with RSOs to each range for the practical part of the Safety Orientation.

I am asking the regular members to welcome our new members and offer any help they may need. Remember everyone was a new member at one time. Our main objective at ASC is safety.

Board of Directors Update - June 2016

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of June 2016.

To read the reports, please click the "Read More" link on the bottom right of this post.

Letter from the President - June 2016

Dear members,

Hard to believe: IT'S SUMMER! -- come on down to the club and see all of the new improvements to the ranges. Thanks to all who make the efforts to keep improving our club. Remember that there will not be members' meetings during July and August

We look forward to seeing you at the club.

Mark Klove, President


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