Board of Directors Update - January 2015

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of January 2015.

Please see the separate "Letter from the President" for this month's President's Report.

Vice President (Frank Bleszinski):
The Youth Firearm Safety Program that began in July 2014 was very successful with 92 youths being trained and issued badges allowing them to use the ranges. Thanks to our 10 volunteer instructors: Karen Farris, Tim Gallant, Mike Harvey, John King, Matt Lavoie, Lou Lopresti, Jim Lumbard, Mike Pierce,Joe Visione and Dick Reichter. The Sunday breakfast was also open every Sunday morning with the exception of 1 January snow storm and Easter. Thanks to our 17 cooks and helpers that make it possible.

Outdoor Range (Dave Williams):
There has been significant damage done to the outdoor range. If anyone sees a member breaking the range rules or damaging the property they should notify me or another member of the board. If you just a get a license plate or badge number and the issue will be dealt with.

The new target frames have been in place for a month and although some have been damaged and need repair the system seems to be working out well and is well received by the members.

  • Ground shooting is not allowed on the outdoor range.
  • Range closing: Don’t forget to check the calendar for closings.
  • Prone shooting station: The prone shooting position is open.
  • There is absolutely no shooting of ground targets.
  • Target frames are designed to hold one target centered in the frame.
  • Always bring your gun up to the target not down to the target. This will save the roof and keep the rounds on the club property.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
Some of the pistol team members, we thank, you got together on the 29 of December and help to put the indoor range back into shape. A new support cable was installed along with other needed work. The bathroom faucet was also repaired.

The range should be in good condition for the start of 2015.

Trap (Tony Capone):
Happy Holidays Everyone,
December was a great month on the trap field. We really lucked out with some great weather. On December 21st we had our annual spirit shoot. As usual this event was a blast!  I'm sorry if anyone that showed up late didn't get a chance to shoot but this is always a very busy day.

Starting on January 7th we will be starting out first Winter Trap League, if interested please email me through the website or feel free to speak to me in person. Also in January we will be having a 75 bird shoot. Date TBD soon so please check the website for more info.

Anyone that uses the trap field on off hours may use any unbroken birds that they would like to collect from the field and please feel free to use the clay targets that are stacked up at the end of the trap overhang. And remember to clean up after yourself!

Archery (Bob Felsberg):
Happy New Year to all. Tuesday Night Archery (6-8 PM) will continue through the winter, weather permitting. Please check website for weather related cancellations.The new Rhinehart targets are in, and we will be setting some of them up on our 3D course, and rotating other targets out/adding additional targets.

Plans regarding repairs and improvements to the Archery cabin are being discussed and evaluated, more to follow. Again: Happy New Year and looking forward to 2015.

Security (Bill MacKenzie):
There was a report made that there was some damage done at the indoor range where it was observed that some lights were shot out. Although the damage was not great and repairable and was not an act of vandalism and not done intentionally, please be reminded that all damage must be reported so repairs can be made or equipment replaced.

Facilities (Mike Pierce):
The following facilities projects are those completed, initiated, or proposed during 2015 that are in addition to general maintenance projects:

Approved but not yet initiated:

  1. Club house remodeling of walls and lighting along with ceiling tiles
  2. Installing an LED sign to inform members of up and coming functions
  3. Tree work on outdoor range will begin to remove only necessary trees
  4. New phone poles have been installed between club house and archery
  5. New stainless steel kitchen counter top will be installed
  6. New kitchen countertops and cabinets will be installed

2015 will be a great year for projects at ASC.

Community Relations (Paul Miller):
Plans are underway for one of our biggest community events of the year, the 2015 Fishing Derby.  It will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015 and will start at 6:00 am.

We are accepting applications for scholarships to be awarded in June, the application is here:

Training (Sam Washburn):

Two new classes are now on the schedule in 2015:

  • Refuse to be a Victim (covers personal safety outside the home)
  • Personal Protection inside the home.

These classes are scheduled in February and March. Based on interest we may schedule additional classes later in the year.

Please see the training page on the club website for more information and registration links.

Membership (Steve Harsfald):
Happy New Year to all the members. I would like to thank Mark and the board for all their help transitioning into my new position. I hope I can do as good of a job that Mark has done as membership director, and congratulate Mark in his new post as Club President.

In the new year there will be many improvements at the club including membership. The membership committee is working on an online application process that we hope to have up and running in the next few months. The club will be open for tours of prospective members Sunday mornings from 11am to noon, I am asking for any volunteers that would like to help with this to contact me at the club or through email ( I am also looking for anyone with art and design talent to help design a new membership badge in the next few months, and t-shirt ideas to include archery, rifle/pistol and trap to add to our clothing selection. The bulletin board outside the club door will be cleaned of all old postings for the new year, and any member posting ads, please date your ad and I will try and keep items current. Looking forward to a great and SAFE year.

Membership Numbers:
Current members:  1790
Pending: 30
Total Membership: 1820