Board of Directors Update - October 2016

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of October2016:

Vice President (Frank Bleszinski):
With the coming of Fall, we have a club work party scheduled for October 29. We provide a breakfast and lunch with several names drawn for $25 prizes. It is a great opportunity to meet new club members and get a better understanding about club operations. Each of the ranges as well as the kitchen will have a number of maintenance tasks to do. We have had good turn outs in the past, and hope to have a good turn out this fall.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):

  • Assembled and installed new steel target stands for four pistol bays at the new outdoor pistol range. Steel plates have been hung as well.
  • Second set of steel frames acquired and ready to go for remainder four bays on new outdoor pistol range.
  • Heavy rubber mats installed in warming room floor on the outdoor rifle range.
  • Fire extinguisher sign installed. 
  • Please check website for Police department training and additional training sessions for range closings especially for night shoots (usually from 5 pm – 9 pm).
  • Recruiting to add to the outdoor team in order to provide maintenance, modifications or do outdoor range orientation.
  • Firearms should be transported from your car to the shooting stations unloaded and with the action open. Cases or shooting bags are preferable.
  • A “Clear” command MUST be issued to all members shooting on the pistol and rifle bay’s  BEFORE attempting to unlock the yellow gate. Be sure to stand behind the yellow line.
  • Ground shooting at any targets is not allowed on the outdoor range.
  • Target frames are designed to hold one target centered in the frame.
  • No silhouette targets allowed.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
Please follow the signs on the ports 1 and 8. To restate, no firearms larger than 22 cal long rifle are allowed. The targets are to be placed at no less than 50 feet. This is to prevent damage to the sound insulation panels at the side of the range. They are 2 feet by 20 feet panels at a cost of $40 each.

This past month the lights in the end bay failed and the water was not available in the wash room, yet a notice was never received. If there is an issue please notify a director of officer so we may correct the problem. As is always the case, the website should be checked to see if the range is open and not being used for a scheduled function.

Trap (Tony Capone):
The price of a trap card has gone up to $30 starting Oct 1st.
Also starting in October, Thursday night skeet will be as follows.

  • The first Thursday of the month will be trap doubles and wobbles
  • The second Thursday is a members meeting and the skeet field is closed 
  • The third Thursday of the month will be skeet
  • The fourth Thursday of the month will be 5-stand (weather permitting, snow fall)
  • Months with five Thursdays will shoot skeet on that Thursday

On Oct 8th we will have a Intro to shotgun class starting at 8am and you can sign up at

Oct 15th at 9am we will have a team KO trap shoot. This is a fun event and you don't need to come with anyone, we will put everyone's name in a hat and randomly draw teams of two. The cost of this event is only $10 and it includes the cost of the birds.

Archery (Robert Beals):
The practice range continues to progress, all roofs have now been installed on target frames. We are planning on placing a final order for the year for additional bag targets for the practice field. We have repaired and replaced a number of targets on the 3d course and the practice field. We have also done some trail maintenance on the 3d course.

Also looking for volunteers for the work party, have a number of clean up tasks that we like to be able to have completed during that time.

We want everyone to enjoy the facilities of the Archers cabin, but please pick up and clean up after usage so it will be clean for the next person. This includes coffee pot, griddle etc.

Security (Bill MacKenzie):
During the month, I received a complaint from a member about a safety infraction that occurred on the indoor range. He reported that on 9/18 he observed a member and four guests using two shooting bays. He believed that all the guests were under 15 years of age and none had youth badges. The member did not get a badge number or M.V registration number of the offender. The club’s video system will be reviewed in an attempt to identify the offender.

Please be reminded to review the range rules before bringing any quests to the club.

Facilities (Mike Pierce):

During 2016 we have made, and are making several improvements to club facilities.  Specifically:

  • Restrooms/kitchen walls have been covered with commercial grade fiberglass-reinforced panels (FRP)
  • Insulation and Sound proofing has been added to the Indoor Range
  • The Indoor Range air handling warning system was upgraded
  • The outdoor Range "All Clear" warning system was upgraded
  • Training purchased 6 shot guns, 6 pistols and 2 safes
  • Archery re-located and renovated its two storage containers
  • Archery substantially expanded its practice field to 70 yards
  • The equipment garage was re-located
  • Excavation of the second Trap field has commenced
  • The new Outdoor Pistol Range is nearly complete

Community Relations (Matt Lavoie):
I am looking for a volunteer to help run a raffle table at member's meetings. If you are interested, please send me an email.

The club will be making it's regular $2000 donation to the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center.

Training (Steve Cioffi):
Training has been very active this fall. We are offering the following classes:

  • Home firearm safety
  • Pistol accuracy
  • Youth firearm safety
  • Refuse to be a victim
  • Adult shotgun
  • Intro to trap
  • Intro to skeet
  • youth pistol training
  • youth shotgun training
  • Intro to static steel
  • Intro to night shooting
  • Advance Pistol by use of simulation fire

Please watch the calendar for up coming dates. Class full? Don't see a class you would like? Drop me an email at

Membership (Steve Harsfald):

Fall is upon us and the club gets very busy.  Members dusting off their hunting guns and sighting them in, bird hunters coming out to shoot more clays for practice, lots of training classes offered, THE ANNUAL PIG ROAST and fun shoot, the fall work party, and much much more.  This is the best time of the year to enjoy "your" club.  Please check the calendar and website to see what is happening so you do not miss out on activities.

As of 10/1 we have only about 3 openings for the December new member group, October and November have been full for several weeks.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Pig Roast with their favorite side dish, or favorite Market Basket desert.  Please plan on coming to the Fall work party for a great free breakfast, and lunch, and to help the directors do a few chores to keep our club the great safe and top notch place it is.  Remember this is YOUR club and most everything is done by volunteers, so if you have just a little time offer your help to the director of the venue you like the most. All help is greatly appreciated and keeps your club operating safe and smooth.

**************Reminder that 2017 dues are payable before December 31, No grace period.**************