Board of Directors Update - September 2016

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of September 2016:

Vice President (Frank Bleszinski):
As of this writing 9 of the 12 available slots have been taken for the Youth Firearm Safety class scheduled for September 24. We try to schedule one class per month so watch the web site for upcoming dates. Also, youths displaying a youth badge eat for free on Sunday mornings.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):
Preparing to assemble and install new steel target stands for four pistol bays at the new outdoor pistol range. Steel plates will be used for these bays.

New heavier mounting rubber mats used for steel plates at 100 yard stands.

Additional tires installed at the 75 yard rubber berm to prevent any additional ground shooting.

Please check website for Police department training and additional training sessions for range closings especially for night shoots (usually from 5pm-9 pm).

Recruiting to add to the outdoor team in order to provide maintenance, modifications or do outdoor range orientation.

Firearms should be transported from your car to the shooting stations unloaded and with the action open. Cases or shooting bags are preferable.

A “clear” command MUST be issued to all members shooting on the pistol and rifle bays before attempting to unlock the yellow gate. Be sure to stand behind the yellow line. Ground shooting at any targets is not allowed on the outdoor range.

Target frames are designed to hold one target centered in the frame.

No silhouette targets allowed.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
To all members: please follow the signs that state "no larger than 22 long rifle rounds are to be fired at the end ports that is port #1 and #8". This will prevent damage to the sound insulation on the down-range walls.

Trap (Tony Capone):
Hello and welcome back from a wonderful summer.

Now that everyone is back to the old routine I would like to update you on a few changes to trap/skeet. Starting in October, Thursday's skeet format will change to the following:

  • 1st Thursday of the month will be trap doubles and wobbles
  • 2nd Thursday closed (members meeting, no use of field)
  • 3rd Thursday Skeet
  • 4th Thursday 5-Stand (if snow is too deep, trap will be run in place of 5-Stand)

Also the price for a round of targets will be going up to $4 for members and $5 for guests of members. Punch cards will be available for purchase at $30 each For those that do not know what a punch card is please let me explain -- you can purchase a card for $30 and it is good for 10 rounds of targets (25 targets per round) this brings the cost down to $3 per round.

On Saturday August 27th we sent our 5 top trap shooters to Methuen to compete against 6 other clubs. They shot well but came up just 7 birds short of 1st place. Better luck next year!

Work is being done to prepare for the second trap field. More to follow....

Archery (Robert Beals):
With the shortage of rain this summer, the practice field has not progressed as nicely as hoped. However, it should recover and fill in as expected.

Individual roofs have been made for the bag target frames and will be installed shortly. This will help protect the targets from the weather and extend their life expectancy.

We are in the process of finalizing plans to build a permanent roof that will cover both of the archery storage containers.

We are also installing two poles on the right side of the practice field, creating a designated shooting lane which will have two to three targets dedicated for broadheads only. This is the only area that broadhead use is permitted, as they are strictly prohibited from the 3D trails as well as the remainder of the practice field.

Security (Bill MacKenzie):
In June, an incident was observed involving a member and multiple rule violations. The member was contacted, and after discussion and warning, no further action was taken.

In August, vandalism to the driveway was observed. A police report was filed, and a request was made for additional patrols of the area.

Facilities (Mike Pierce):
Nothing to report.

Community Relations (Matt Lavoie):
It has been a quiet summer, but things are beginning to pick back up. We will soon be hosting our annual pig roast and fall work party, so keep an eye out for those dates to be announced. A date for the 2017 fishing derby will also be announced soon.

The club will be making its regular $2000 donation to the Veteran's Outreach Center in Haverhill for the month of September.

Training (Steve Cioffi):
Although we will still bring our normal monthly classes of pistol safety for LTC, accuracy class, and youth training, training has been working very hard to release new training sessions for August, September and October. We have brought back "Refuse to be a Victim" and we have added "NRA Adult Shotgun", "Intro to Night Shooting" and "Intro to Static Steel shooting". Starting in September, we will release several advanced pistol training classes using SIRT simulation fire pistols. We will offer a safe environment to teach and train drawing from a holster, drawing from concealed position, and moving off the X. We plan to expand Simulated training. We are also planning on expanding our youth training programs. We currently provide a monthly youth training, a youth rifle training and this fall we will add a youth pistol training class.

Membership (Steve Harsfald):
The summer has been a great one other than being very dry. I hope everyone has enjoyed their club. As you can see, lots has been going on and many of the projects are almost complete. Please check the club website at least once a week for news, we will be making a date for the annual pig roast, and the fall work party. Please check the calendar as there will be range closures for classes, and police qualifications. I know this is only September, but the fall season brings lots of activities at the club, shooting contests, the Turkey shoot, and Spirit shoot.

Remember that dues for 2017 are payable before 12/31/16.  Notices will be going out very soon. If your email has changed, please send me an update. Per the club by laws members are responsible to pay their dues by 12/31, even if the dog ate the email, or the mailman threw it away.

Club tours for prospective members will be given on a limited basis, normally on a Sunday morning at 8am, please email for availability and confirmation.

As a member, this is your club, almost all the work and upkeep done at the club is volunteer, we do not have a work requirement, but please offer a little help at your favorite venue to the director in charge, even help in the kitchen on a Sunday morning is welcome,  dumping the trash, or doing a little maintenance.  Take pride in your club.

Existing members: 1,967
Life Members: 193
Pending Members: 20
Total Members: 2,180