Board of Directors Update - October 2017

Vice President (Frank Blezsinki):
Nothing to report.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):

  • Steel Crush Family Shoot scheduled for Dec 9 Saturday @ 9:00 am in the Indoor Range. Rifles will be supplied by ASC.
  • A second dueling tree is being constructed for the outdoor rifle range. This will be used on the pistol side.
  • Additional volunteers have showed up on Sunday morning for maintenance. These volunteers are much appreciated.
  • A new set of steel verticals will be installed as a prototype between the 50 and 75 yard mark. These targets will serve to enhance the shooters experience.
  • We are still experiencing members using multiple targets per target frame. Using multiple targets per frame causes more damage to the frame thus more repairs required. Only one target (centered) per target frame is allowed.
  • Please check website for other range closings due to any ASC training sessions or police department training.
  • Firearms should be transported from your car to the shooting stations unloaded and with the action open. Cases or shooting bags are preferable.
  • A “Clear” command MUST be issued to all members shooting on the pistol and rifle bay’s  BEFORE attempting to unlock the yellow gate. Be sure to stand behind the yellow line.
  • Ground shooting at any targets is not allowed on the outdoor range.
  • Target frames are designed to hold one target centered in the frame.
  • No silhouette targets allowed.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
Thank you all who have called and Emailed  to report problems at the indoor range. Please read the sign attached to the Blower Motor's timer and switch. The Motors are set to start 4-5 minutes after the time is turned to 60 minutes and the switch is in the on position. If the timer runs down and the motors go off. There is a delay to allow the motors to run down to a stop. Then the timer and switch must be turned on and left on until the motors restart. There is an opinion  that following the above procedure will prevent the motors from being shocked and extend their operating lives. Since the new motors were installed about three week now they have over 300 starts. There are two 7.5 hp motors operating in the air handling system. The last motor failed after over 4000 starts and running hours.

The present timer is failing so please insure that the blowers are off when you close down the range. Each motors draws 30 amps at 230 volts. That is a lot of $$ in power consumption. New replacement timers are on order.

I hope all have  safe and happy holidays. FYI, to date the range has sold over 5,600 targets and 200 pairs of ear protection.

Archery (Robert Beals):
The wall between the archery practice range and the new trap field is progressing and should be completed shortly.

We have some potential year-end plans for some additional improvements to the archery cabin such as a new wood stove. Also planning on building a shooting platform to be placed in the area where we added some 3d targets so you can shoot up to 5 targets from one station.

Planning on placing another order for some additional 3D and bag targets, for the practice field and 3D course.

For 2018 we would like to add some training classes ranging from new archers as well as classes for hunting with a bow. We are also looking at adding some introductory classes for arrow building.

I would like to thank all those that helped out during the year to help make our archery practice range and 3D course one of the best around. Gregg Mooney has gone above and beyond to help out and has always been willing and available whenever needed.

Looking forward to another successful year for 2018!!

Security (Bill MacKenzie):
During the past months, I continue to receive reports about members not adhering to range rules concerning:

  • Failure to display their membership badges while on club property.
  • Failure to adhere to the practice of only mounting one target centered on the target stands on the outdoor range.
  • Not conforming to the range rules concerning the actions and behavior of guests on the ranges.

If any member has any doubt about any rules or club by‐laws, please review them. If there are still questions after reviewing, contact any club director for clarification.


Facilities (Mike Pierce):
Everything has gone very well at the club for the year of 2017 and projects that have been going on are at the #2 trap range.

The house is installed, the lower wall is up, and work continues on the upper wall, fence, and lighting.

Hope to see you at the club next year and hope everyone has a great holiday!

Community Relations (Steve Cooper):
The club had a float in the Andover Santa Parade that was held the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Our Boy Scout Troop 75 participated and marched with the float. This was the first time in many years that the club had a float in this parade. Many thanks to Mike Pierce for all his help and also a thanks to the scouts.

December 17 we will be hosting a children’s Christmas party. Thanks to Brad for his work with the web site in promoting this event.

The club has purchased bricks for walkways at the Andover Historical Society and also at Ironstone Farm in Andover. This gets our name out in a positive manner.

Training (Steve Cioffi):
I would like to thank all those that volunteered and helped out with training this year. Without your support, training would not have been a success.

As instructors, we continue to educate ourselves, so that we can bring the very best training offered by any club in the area. We have obtained nationally recognized certifications in no less the 12 venues. We have trainers that are now certified shotgun and pistol coaches. We held over 25 different class topics this year totaling almost 100 events. There were more than 650 members that attended our training. We have certified over 115 people in our NRA classes. One of the most exciting statistic to me is the fact the we have had in excess of 80 youth attend our youth training. We have trained the Civil Air Patrol Cadets this year and look forward to next year. This past Sunday we trained several Massachusetts constables in which we received rave reviews.

Next year, training will be begin to offer “WORK SHOPS”. Short training sessions the will give a quick exposure to topics such as reloading, gunsmithing, scope mounting, cleaning and maintenance. Training with also roll out “NEW SHOOTER”, one on one Coaching.

Training is in the beginning stages of bringing youth pistol and shotgun teams.

We will expand our training capabilities next year to include NRA Councilor which will allow us to train our own trainers.

I wish all our members a safe and happy holiday season.

Membership (Michael Pasco):
Although I have only been on the board of Directors since September of 2017, Membership has added 100 new members (unofficial). December may put us over. Membership has given countless tours to applicants eager to join our most prestigious club. I have great confidence in Cal Perry moving forward as the new Membership Director. Cal will, without a doubt, keep membership moving in a very positive direction.

I have also had the pleasure of helping out on the Trap Field. The Trap Department has moved steadily over the past few months having a Shotgun Tournament with six different winners in two separate classes. The Tournament was a Trap/Skeet/5 Stand format and was held during the morning of the Pig Roast. We also had a Turkey Shoot for the Thanksgiving Holiday, giving out (18) 20lb Turkeys and (6) Gift Cards. The Turkey Shoot was a Lucky Bird format where shooters of all skills were able to win. The Lucky Bird was designed for that very reason. A gentleman with 5/15 Birds won a turkey by hitting the Lucky Bird. Two female shooters also won turkeys. This month we will have a Spirit Shoot which is in the works at this time. Moving forward, our new Trap Field is days away from being put into operation and will attract new members and keep our existing members very happy along with bringing extra revenue to the club. Additionally, we have great confidence that the new Trap Director, which will be appointed in the near future, will do a FANTASTIC job in 2018.

That is my report for the short period of time in 2017.  I'm certain I will have much to say for 2018.