Board of Directors Update - February 2017

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of February 2017:

Vice President (Frank Bleszinski):
No report.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):
1st annual steel crush family shoot on January 21 went well. Adults included men and women as well as children competed. Thanks to ASC for supplying the .22 rifles, ammo and RSO's. 2nd annual steel crush family shoot will be tentatively be scheduled for early June (pending approval) at the new outdoor pistol range.

About 10 new target frames have been constructed along with corresponding cardboard.

Grade 70 chain used to hang steel targets at 75 yard tractor tire as a prototype as to see the durability i.e. how it stands up to the many caliber rounds fired on the outdoor rifle range.

Laptop computer will be setup with new software to monitor outdoor range activity during hours of operation. This enables the range director to more closely monitor the range during daytime periods when no RSO’s or range directors are present. This will help identify down any members that may be breaking rules and will enhance club safety.

Please check website for Police department training and additional training sessions for range closings especially for night shoots (usually from 5pm-9pm).

Recruiting to add to the outdoor team in order to provide maintenance, modifications or do outdoor range orientation.

Firearms should be transported from your car to the shooting stations unloaded and with the action open. Cases or shooting bags are preferable.

A “Clear” command MUST be issued to all members shooting on the pistol and rifle bays BEFORE attempting to unlock the yellow gate. Be sure to stand behind the yellow line.

Ground shooting at any targets is not allowed on the outdoor range.

Target frames are designed to hold one target centered in the frame.

No silhouette targets allowed.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
All members please note that only paper targets are to be used on the indoor range. However, this does not apply to special events (i.e. youth programs, pin shoots, etc).

This week, bar stools will be available for members and guests to use at the indoor and outdoor pistol ranges. Care should be exercised when using the stools. Please return the stool to the inside of the outdoor pistol range when not in use. Credit is to be given to Tony C. of the trap range for it was his idea as to where and what kind of stools to purchase.

Trap (Tony Capone):
Trap has been running a regular schedule as of late due to the help from Mother Nature.

The Wednesday night trap league is going well thanks to the hard work and dedication to the sport from Doug Burden and Dan Wickey. Wednesday night trap is still open to members not in the league.

Thursday nights have been picking up slowly. The new Thursday night format is catching on and changes each Thursday so please check the club calendar for info. As always Sundays are the busiest day for trap and continues to grow.

Some earth moving and some tree removal  has taken place on our future trap field. We hope to see this field completed in late spring as we could really use it.

The water problem we had on stations 1-3 has a temporary fix for the rest of the winter and will be fixed permanently come spring time  thanks to Skip W. We still have a problem in the trap house with water seeping in through the walls and getting the clays wet. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

I am in the planning stages of putting together a one of a kind club shotgun shoot. This event will highlight skills of trap, skeet and 5 stand all in one event. It will truly be a one of a kind event. Keep an eye out for it this spring.

Archery (Robert Beals):
We are planning on adding some additional targets to the 3D course to bring our total to 30 targets.  We are also discussing some potential trail changes which would only affect the end of the main trail and how you would exit the trail.  If changes are made it will be announced and the trail will be marked accordingly.

I’m sure many of you have noticed the ground clearing work being performed behind the storage containers.  This is in anticipation of a future indoor archery range.  However, currently there aren’t any set plans on a date when this project would begin, be completed or specific plans on the building itself.  We will be utilizing the fill which will be removed from this area to fill in the new trap range.  As this progresses and if there are any updates to an indoor archery building we will let everyone know.

We are still planning on having an archery shoot sometime in March, once a date is decided it will be posted.  The shoot will be for members, family members and a guest; you will need to have your own equipment.

Security (Bill MacKenzie):

During the month, I received reports that the club’s access gate was open mostly in the morning. I went to the club and found that the switch in the control box was in the open position. Please be reminded that if you open the gate using the control box, please return it to the switch to closed position.

On the 12th, I received an email that a member was observed firing a rifle in the indoor range. Also that the member had a guest with him and that two bays were being used. Both in violation of the range rules. The rifle appeared to be a semi-auto and a large caliber firearm. After investigating further, it was found that the rifle was a Ruger Mini 14 and a .223 caliber. The information will be forwarded to the Indoor Range Director.

During the month I conducted a walk around of the club’s property perimeter and found that some of the warning signs we use were missing or in bad shape. New signs were ordered and will be placed around the perimeter.

Also observed was a hole in the metal patterning target on the trap range. Please know what you are shooting when using this target.

Facilities (Mike Pierce):
Hi all ASC club members, new and old.

It’s the end of January, due to the cold weather things have slowed down with projects at the club but we have still had a chance to start and finish a few projects around the club, one being the electrical lines to the archery containers and also the garage have been put underground. The men’s room main drain has been repaired and replaced. Work continues on the secondary trap range. Work will continue as long the weather holds out.  

Community Relations (Steve Cooper):
Thanks to Matt Lavoie for staying on as our Webmaster.

Date for the fishing derby is May 6. Bob Dalton will be the chair. Volunteers are needed

Children’s Christmas party date is December 16th. We need volunteers to plan and run this party.

June 3 will be the neighbors’ open house. Many thanks to Cal Perry for all the work he is currently doing. This is an extremely important event for the club.

I had a meeting with the Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders regarding participating in the Andover Memorial Day and Santa parades. They are very excited to be involved.

Looking for interest in chartering a deep sea fishing boat, the boat holds 50-70 people. We can opt for a half day or full day.

Scholarships: Paperwork submitted for Andover and North Andover high schools. We also have scholarships for club member children.

Mass Junior Conservation camp: We have 2 slots. Applications are being accepted.

We are planning on having a table at Andover day which is in September.

I would like to participate in the Reading Day, if anyone has information about this please contact me.

Speakers for meetings:   Feb 9 Jim Wallace from GOAL

                                     Calls are in to Mass Fish & Wildlife and Vettes for Vets


Training (Steve Cioffi):
Training would like to thank all the members that have attended our January classes as well as our Annual Black Powder Shoot on New Years Day.

Training held classes in

  • Sim Fire Concealed Carry
  • Intro to Shot Shell Reloading
  • Youth Firearm Safety

On January 28th, we held class for the local Civil Air Patrol Cadets. A special thank you to Cheryl Crawford, Allan Arena, Erik Anderson, Andrew Cioffi, Steve Cooper, Calvin Perry , Guy Klose and Gene Thomas who all volunteered their time and expertise to the cadets. The Cadets received their NRA home safety certificates, State Police Basic Firearm Safety Certificates, and all will receive their Winchester Marksman Badge. We look forward to attending a special award ceremony which will be held at the Civil Air Patrol .

Training looks forward to offering Certified RSO class as well as Certified CPR / AED training -- dates and times to be announced shortly.

Membership (Cheryl Crawford):
Greetings Members and Prospective Members:

Interest in the club continues to grow and we have been giving multiple tours to prospective members throughout the past month. Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis once the application is complete, including payment.

The 2017 renewals have now closed. Any old member that has NOT renewed will be required to re-apply to the club for membership if they wish to have membership privileges. Key cards for members that have NOT renewed have been turned off. On average, we have a 5% attrition rate each year, this year, we have lost fewer members at approximately 4% members.

Stay warm and checkout the new outdoor pistol range if you haven’t already!

Membership February 2017:
Regular members = 2,044
Life members = 187
New Members = 24
Total Membership: 2,255