Board of Directors Update - January 2017

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of January 2017:

Vice President (Frank Bleszinski):
Guy Klose will be assuming charge of the Youth Firearm Safety Program. I will be assisting him in this transition and ask that he receive the same high level of cooperation that I have received. Our club Historian (Doug Cooper) has found photos of some members replacing beams in the club house cellar. He makes no mention of them being shot up due to marksman issues. We hope that in the future our website will have a section to view historic information and photos.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):
Family shoot scheduled for January 21 (Sat) 9:00 – 12:00. Will use ASC .22 rifles and ammunition. Steel targets of animal shapes will be used as targets. Location will be the indoor range. Posters describing event and rules will be posted. RSO’s will be needed to oversee the event.

Steel targets have been ordered for the January shoot. New 12 inch steel targets have been ordered for the outdoor rifle range to replace fractured and broken ones.

Adding new “kill zone” target to the outdoor pistol range. This target has been very popular on the pistol side at the outdoor rifle range. It is a large oval shape and much easier to hit, especially for novice shooters.

Incident reported to security officer regarding ASC member shooting large caliber rifle at the steel targets on the outdoor rifle range on the pistol side.

Please check website for Police department training and additional training sessions for range closings especially for night shoots (usually from 5 pm – 9 pm).

Recruiting to add to the outdoor team in order to provide maintenance, modifications or do outdoor range orientation.

Firearms should be transported from your car to the shooting stations unloaded and with the action open. Cases or shooting bags are preferable.

A “Clear” command MUST be issued to all members shooting on the pistol and rifle bays BEFORE attempting to unlock the yellow gate. Be sure to stand behind the yellow line.

Ground shooting at any targets is not allowed on the outdoor range.

Target frames are designed to hold one target centered in the frame.

No silhouette targets allowed.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
With the new year, please remember as a reminder: if you are tall, use a small target holder; if you are not so tall, use a long target holder. The object is to keep the projectile in the center of the back plates. Young people if using a real small target holder up close may strike the ceiling plates destroying the sound proofing. Thank you!

Trap (Tony Capone):
Winter is upon us at ASC but we at Trap will not back down!  We're gearing up for a winter full of trap, skeet and 5 stand (weather permitting), see website for days and times.

Coming up Sunday Jan 8th will be our 2016 Spirit shoot that was postponed due to weather back in Dec.

Work has started once again on the second trap field and we hope to keep working on it as long as the weather cooperates.

Archery (Robert Beals):
The new cabinets finally arrived and have been placed inside of the Archery cabin and will be permanently secured. Measurements for the new countertop will be taken and installation of the countertop is expected to be within the next few weeks.

We will be reviewing our inventory of 3d targets and determining which 3d targets are needed to sustain the archery program, we will also be planning our first order of 2017.

We are in the preliminary stages of planning a 3d shoot which will be open for all members, their children and a guest. We are planning on having this shoot potentially at end of February or March; more details will be coming shortly and will be posted on the website.

Looking forward to the new year and further expansion of the archery program to include trainings, 3d shoots and more.

Security (Bill MacKenzie):
During the month, I received an email from a member that the access gate was open and did not close when he left the property. Later that day, I drove by and the gate was closed.

On the 19th, I received an email from Tim Gallant to inform me that when he went to the Club on the 17th, he noticed that the clubhouse was full of smoke and the fire/smoke alarms were not sounding. I responded by asking him what caused the smoky condition and he said it was caused because the fireplace was not lit properly and that the kitchen fan was on  and pulling the smoke into the clubhouse.

On the 24th, I recieved an email from Phil Proto, Outdoor Range Director, informing me that whiler he was at the range he observed a member shooting a large caliber rifle at the steel targets on the pistol side of the range and the steel targets were taking a beating. He resolved the issue on the spot by speaking to the member about the restrictions. The member was advised to review the range rules so there will be no future problems. Phil did make a note on the members badge for our records.

Facilities (Mike Pierce):

The New Year is here, and there are many projects that we are involved in:

  • The new Outdoor Pistol Range is open to the membership with a few things that have to be added to it.
  • Work continues on the secondary trap range
  • Working towards the new garage being functional

Hope to see you all this winter using the facilities!

Community Relations (Steve Cooper):
No report received.

Training (Steve Cioffi):
Training would like to thank Frank Bleszinski for his help and dedication to the youth badge program for the last three years. Frank has helped make the youth program what it is today. Guy Klose has agreed to help with the youth badge program moving forward. Guy will be a great addition to training as we move forward and expand our youth programs.

Training held its second annual Black Powder Shoot on New years day. The event was very successful and we had a large turn out of members that experienced black powder shooting for the first time. We look forward to our next event.

Training has already started this year with offering classes in firearm safety, Advanced pistol techniques using Sim Fire, Youth Badge class, Youth pistol class, and shotshell reloading.

On January 28th, the training department will host Firearm safety training and Winchester Marksman program for the local Civil Air Patrol Cadets. We will be training 16 cadets. The Local CAP publicity team will be on hand taking pictures of our training session.

Training is looking forward to another successful year of bringing training opportunities to the membership of ASC.

Membership (Cheryl Crawford):
Greetings Members and Prospective Members:

Happy New Year! With the holiday season behind us, time to look forward to an exciting year. Please check the website and the digital sign for club events. Remember all members MUST have their club badge visible while on club property.

Members who have not paid their dues as of 12/31/2016 are considered late and will be assessed a late fee of $30. There is a new link on the website to take care of this. If there is a problem contact the Treasurer or Membership, if we do not hear from you by the end of January your key card will be turned off and you will have to re apply for membership.

Finally, I want to thank Steve Harsfald, prior Membership Director, for his time on the board and facilitating a smooth transition. I would not have been able to step into this role without his help.

Membership January 2017:
Regular members: 1882
Life Members: 184
New members: 24
Total Membership: 2090