Board of Directors Update - October 2017

Vice President (Frank Blezsinki):
Nothing to report.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):
Fall Cleanup Project Plan

  • Replace one set of the steel frames at 100 yard mark
  • Remove old/broken target stands and rebuild new ones for the pistol side, shotgun moveable’s, and at the 100 yard mark.
  • Remove and replace steel leaf spring inside tractor tire at 50 yard mark
  • Refurbish the many target frames currently stored in the shed
  • Repaint yellow safe line for the entire outdoor rifle range with stenciling
  • Finish ceiling trim in warming room
  • Clean and install storage stand in tool room
  • Breakdown dud rounds

Playing Card Pistol shoot planned for the pig roast at the end of the month (October 28’th 9 – 12) Eventbrite registration is available. Limited to 40 shooters.

Please check website for range closings because of Police department training and ASC training sessions.

Recruiting to add to the outdoor team to provide maintenance, modifications or do outdoor range orientation.

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
The pistol teams (4) are starting their meets in Oct. I,  to date have not received any complaints on the closing of the range on Mondays.

A new motion detector light (battery operated was installed, per safety report, in the stair way. Shooters are to address the targets by bring their pistols up to the targets. The ceiling plates are being hit. This may be from younger shooters.

The flue pipe was replaced in the heating system. It was leaking smoke into the range.

Target sales have taken off again. To date over 4,255 targets have been paid for.

Archery (Robert Beals):
I would like thank Gregg Moonie for doing a great job cutting in a lane for a new target added to the 3D course, help like this really goes a long way in improving our facility. Looking for help during the work party as we have a number of tasks and trail work we would like to accomplish.

We will be relocating targets 1 & 2 that had been previously removed; we are planning to have them in the same general area providing the location will be safe.

The tree stand currently located on the practice range will be dismantled due to safety reasons with regards to the new trap range.  A new tree stand will be installed, location yet to be determined.

Security (Bill MacKenzie):
The monthly safety inspection was conducted with minor discrepencies found which were rectified.

The access gate at the entrance has been broken and has to be repaired. The company that handles our repairs has been contacted and made aware of the problem but has yet to respond to us to set up a date. I will continue to follow up for the repair.

Facilities (Mike Pierce):
The summer months are behind us and the fall is here, and we have many projects going on such as the new trap field.

We have installed a new gutter on the outdoor pistol range to keep the inside dry and the old trap range has new stairs on the right side of the trap house. New railings will also be installed soon.

The work party is coming up on Oct 7th from 9am to 3pm. Hope to see you there.

Community Relations (Steve Cooper):
On September 9th, Andover Day was held. The club had its first booth. We were well received, no negative comments. Many people stopped by with questions about membership. We gave out well over 100 fliers. Many thanks to those members who helped out at the booth:

  • Club President
  • Club Vice President
  • Doug Cooper
  • Tony Capone

Tony and Dick went up and down Main Street talking and handing out fliers. If any of our neighboring towns have a similar venue please let a board member know.

Due to lack of interest there will not be a children's Christmas party this year.

Training (Steve Cioffi):
Training would like to thank GUY KLOSE for helping me set up a special
youth badge class for one of our new members. The new member has five
children, involved in five different activities and found it almost
impossible to have all five children attend a youth class.

Training will be offering a new class entitled  FIREARM CLEANING &
MAINTENANCE . Watch the calendar for up coming dates.

Training is bringing back the popular class INTRO TO NIGHT SHOOTING.
Again watch the calendar for class dates.

Membership (Michael Pasco):
Since our last BOD meeting, the membership department provided tours to 17 prospects, most of which are scheduled or soon to be scheduled applicants. We have 25 new applicants for our October 12th meeting, 22 of which have confirmed attendance. The presentation of the Merrimack Valley Trap Shooting Championship Trophy will be presented at the October 12th membership meeting by Jason Greene, the tournament director on behalf of last year's champs, Tewksbury. Mark Karas has graciously accepted the lead role on the Trap Field portion of the work party scheduled for October 12. Mark and I will work together on the trap field cleanup. The Trap Department has a Shotgun Shooting Tournament scheduled for the October 28th Pig Roast.