Letter from the President - April 2017

My fellow members;

With at least a promise of Spring in the air there are many things we all look forward to when the weather finally permits and most certainly some of those things involve ASC.
As such, the focus of this message is to remind everyone that we are a club of volunteers and no matter how many things are planned if everyone is not willing to volunteer their assistance from time to time, few plans will ever become a reality.
I implore you to make it a practice to attend the monthly membership meetings and to read every Director’s monthly Website postings. During the meetings and  in the web site you will find references to the intended events to which I refer and for which  the importance of your volunteering  to assist cannot  be overstated,
With respect to the membership meetings we are, through the efforts of Steve Cooper, Community Relations Director, endeavoring to have a guest speaker at each meeting and to revive the always-fun auction table.
Let us all work together to make this the best Spring season possible at ASC
Dick Reichter, President​