Board of Directors Quarterly Update - April 2018

Trap (Cheryl Crawford):


The first quarter of the year brought us a variety of weather testing even the hardiest of us New Englanders. Between the frigid cold of January and snow of March, we are looking forward to the emergence of spring.


The annual Spirit Shoot and Valentines Day shoot both went of without a hitch and was a good time for all. We also saw the official opening of the 2nd trap range.  Although there are a few odds and ends to finalize the 2nd trap field, we are operational.  The field will be graded and seeded, gun rack is on order and operators will be able to open at their discretion.

It is also that time of year for our clay delivery.  Date and time are being finalized but we will need help to unload the trailer. Please look for an email/announcement if you are available.

As we look to the spring, the Intro to Trap classes will start up again along with a variety of fun shoots for all to participate in.

Finally, I would like to thank all the operators and helpers as we could not run the range as smoothly without all your help.

Outdoor Range (Phil Proto):


  • Steel Crush Family Shoot scheduled on Dec 9 went very well. Turnout has been steadily increasing due to email blasts. Thanks to Al Croteau for the use of the indoor range.
  • Volunteers have been showing up consistently to help out for Sunday morning maintenance. These volunteers are much appreciated during the cold weather. Warming room is getting lots of use by shooters.
  • The new set of steel verticals installed at the back of the 50 yard berm has generated lots of interest. These steel targets are holding up well.
  • We are still experiencing members using multiple targets per target frame. Using multiple targets per frame causes more damage to the frame thus more repairs required. Only one target (centered) per target frame is allowed.


  • Frames for steel verticals at the back of the 50 yard berm have been replaced due to breakage. These targets seem to be very popular.
  • Rubber mats added to entrance of the outdoor pistol range to prevent members from slipping/falling if water is present.


  • Outdoor pistol range maintenance closure to box in steel beam holding up roof as to prevent any rounds from ricochets. As and added safety feature a HESCO barrier will also be added between the outdoor pistol and rifle range.
  • Several 3 inch round steel targets have been added @ the 100 yard rifle range to increase challenge.


  • Materials for an additional dueling tree have been purchased. Steel frame have been welded. Waiting for the snow to melt before installation.
  • Electronic targeting system is being evaluated for purchase. Initially would be installed for a single bay at the outdoor pistol range
  • Currently we have 4 police departments using the outdoor range for training purposes. Check the website for scheduled range closings.
  • Thanks as always to the outdoor range crew for their help in maintaining the range during the winter months

Indoor Range (Al Croteau):
The posting of the clothing left at the range in 2017 will be removed and the garments donated.

There is a common misunderstanding as to the targets that may be used at the ranges. No targets that in any way shape or form that resembles a human form are allowed. This includes pictures, human shapes and also playing cards (Jacks, Kings and Queens)

A reminder even though the pistol’s teams season has ended, they are still occupying the range every Monday evening between 6:30 pm and 9:00pm for practice.

Again, no larger than .45cal pistols and .22cal long guns are allowed on the indoor range.

Food or open drink containers should not be brought into the active range.

There have been inquires to rent our range. Only members and their guests or approved visiting pistol teams are allowed the use of the indoor range.

Archery (Robert Beals):
The 3D Charity Archery shoot was held on Saturday March 31st and was a great success.  We raised over $400 to be donated to charity. There were 40 archers that consisted of both members and non-members.  The club received many compliments from the non-members, and there was a lot of interest from them in joining.

Congratulations to Harry Lampes for winning both the 30 target shoot and the 50/50 competition. 

Due to the recent storms there was a tremendous amount of downed trees, branches and debris. This event could not have taken place and would not have been a success if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication from a number of key members.  I would like to thank Marty, Lou, Peter, Arte, Jessie, Richie and my son Robert for many hours of trail maintenance and target placement.  I would also like to thank Gene and Charlie for their roles in registration, 50/50 competition and cooking lunch.

There is still some trail cleanup and signage needed, that is expected to take place in the next few weeks.

Security (Bill MacKenzie):
Looking over the past three months, there have been no major security or safety incidentsto report on. Over the past quarter we have had minor incidents occur, such as members not wearing their club badges while on the property and members who bring guests to the indoor and outdoor ranges and using multiple shooting bays and not within arms length of their guests while shooting.

At monthly membership meetings, a reminder for members to review and stay abreast of our range rules seems to have helped out and kept reports down and our members and guests safe.

Thank you and let's keep safety as our top priority.

Facilities (Mike Pierce):

Hi everyone, it is spring again!

We had a very long winter but were able to get a lot done like the spray foam insulation in the basement of the club house.

With all the northeasters that we had in March we had many trees and power lines down

We have a new light on the back door; also we installed a new railing on the trap stairs. Stones were put on the walkway to the new trap range. Secondary lighting was also put on the new trap range.

Community Relations (Steve Cooper):
The April membership meeting will feature Jim Wallace from GOAL.

The annual kid’s fishing derby in April 21 at Sudden Pond in Harold Parker State Forest. We have had a few members sign up to help out, we could always use more help.

The club scholarships are open, the form is on the website. Completed forms must be received by April 15.

Yearly the club sponsors two campers to the Mass Junior Conservation Camp to be held August 5th-17th. This is open to boys or girls ages 13-17. The closing date for this is April 15. There is no form for this, we simply need names.

Training (Steve Cioffi):
I would like to take a moment and thank Guy Klose for once again taking lead on our Youth Firearm Safety program. I would like to Thank Mike Patane for all the years of hard work and dedication he has brought to our pistol accuracy class. Welcome James MacNamara  for stepping up and taking over for Mike Patane.

Training has had a busy winter with the introduction of "workshops”. Classes such as 1-on-1 Pistol coaching and intro to reloading have proven to be very successful.

Members of ASC have once again been trained in “Trauma Training” and “Blood loss control”. Thanks to the Boston Paramedic and EMT team, we even got to practice on bleeding simulators!

We are planning a very active Spring. Watch the calendar and register early. Classes fill up fast.