January 2018 Indoor Range Update

For the year 2017 the club sold 6,232 targets and about 100 sets of ear protection, returning $1266.59 to the general fund.

In 2017 we replaced both 7.5hp blower motors and kept the older one as a spare.

A new delayed start system for the blowers was installed. This it is hoped will increase the life of the blower motors To date, there are over 400 hours of run time on the motors.

Both heating systems were serviced in 2017.

There was a great increase in members calling or e-mailing problems at the range.

Over 1,300 target holders were repaired or replaced.

Damage to the side sound suppression panels was increased. A rule that no greater than .22 caliber firearms in bays #1 and 8 was incorporated.

Very few light bulbs were destroyed in 2017 as compared to 2016.

An attempt was made to seal off any air leaks into the furnace room.

-Al Croteau