Re-opening Plan Rule

Dear Members:


The Board of Directors has recently voted to replace, effective today, the Re-Opening Plan Rule established on May 15th and amended June 22. Specifically, it is recommended, but not required, that members: (1) continue to practice social distancing, (2) routinely wash their hands and (3) use personal judgment for the wearing of face coverings.


Members are responsible for their own actions as well as the action of their guests. The virus policy enacted on March 11 remains in full force and effect. Members are responsible to be aware of everyone around them for the safe handling of firearms, bows and conduct concerning COVID-19. As such some people may be A-symptomatic of COVID-19 whereby we must recommend that safe distancing, hygiene and mask protection be used. As a Member, if you feel a situation is dangerous, you leave or you ask the offending member to change or if the situation is deemed significant, you file a report.


As no negative repercussions have occurred regarding guests since the club reopened, approximately two months ago this vote also eliminates the restriction that the club not be open to the public or guests.


Richard A. Reichter, President