President's 2021 Quarterly Message

MARCH 2021

As we approach the end of the first quarter of year 2021 the intent of this message is to summarize the year to date status of various ASC activities.'
It is admittedly stating the obvious that COVID-19 continues to have an influence on what we can or cannot do. Hopefully, the increasing rate of vaccinations will permit future quarterly messages to report on an ever-increasing number of positive developments.
To that end your Board of Directors has been aggressively developing plans in every department that can be timely implemented when COVID-19 circumstances allow that to happen. 

Along with limitations being imposed by COVID-19 on non-range departments, such as Training and Community Relations, various administrative procedures and social activities have similarly been affected. 

One of the unfortunate constraints has been our not having been able to hold regular monthly Membership Meetings during which members receive detailed accounts of every department with respect to both current and planned activities and enjoy an opportunity to meet new applicants being inducted into ASC membership.

The above referenced limitations notwithstanding there has been an exceptional list of achievements. The most obvious being our continuing program of enhancing existing, and adding additional, facilities.

In addition, we have been able to conduct sufficient training and social events, especially those involving children, that reinforce our dedication to ASC being a friendly, family oriented and community responsible organization.

I am also pleased to announce that, notwithstanding our substantial monthly investments in facilities and annually increasing operating costs, we continue to enhance the club’s already strong financial position.

In closing this report I leave all members with the assurance that your BOD maintains extreme vigilance and a zero tolerance policy with respect to all safety considerations.


Richard A. Reichter, President