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Letter from the President - May 2017

The beginning of Spring at ASC has again been kick started by the annual Spring Clean Up held on April 29, 2017. All ASC members owe a significant debt of gratitude to approximately 35 of your fellow members for the great work they performed preparing the club’s facilities for the enjoyment of all members now that the weather is becoming increasingly receptive. Those 35 members are to be applauded for making the effort to give something back to the club rather than simply enjoying the results o the labors of others.

A special thank you is owed to Mile Pierce, facilities Director, who coordinated all of the numerous projects undertaken and completed.

The next annual Spring event, the free community youth Fishing Derby, will take place on May 6, 2017. A big thank you should also be given to everyone involved in this complex undertaking.

Separately, thanks to Tony Capone, who recently resigned as Director of Trap operations,  for the services he provided during his tenure in that position. Although a successor will eventually be

appointed I will temporarily assume the Trap Director's responsibilities.

I conclude this message by reminding all members that there is an implicit responsibility to volunteer to assist on the numerous additional projects scheduled during the remainder of 2017. Without your help those plans cannot succeed. Every Director, especially Steve Cooper, Community Relations Director, can use your help and their contact details can be found elsewhere in the club's Web site. Conversely, the monthly membership meetings offer an excellent opportunity for you to discuss in person with each Director their respective needs and how you might be helpful.

The next Membership meeting will be on May 11, 2017 at 7:30 PM preceded by dinner at 6:30 PM. As usual there will be a guest speaker that evening.

Dick Reichter, President​

Letter from the President - April 2017

My fellow members;

With at least a promise of Spring in the air there are many things we all look forward to when the weather finally permits and most certainly some of those things involve ASC.
As such, the focus of this message is to remind everyone that we are a club of volunteers and no matter how many things are planned if everyone is not willing to volunteer their assistance from time to time, few plans will ever become a reality.
I implore you to make it a practice to attend the monthly membership meetings and to read every Director’s monthly Website postings. During the meetings and  in the web site you will find references to the intended events to which I refer and for which  the importance of your volunteering  to assist cannot  be overstated,
With respect to the membership meetings we are, through the efforts of Steve Cooper, Community Relations Director, endeavoring to have a guest speaker at each meeting and to revive the always-fun auction table.
Let us all work together to make this the best Spring season possible at ASC
Dick Reichter, President​

Letter from the President - February 2017

My Fellow Members

As you will note from the respective department reports January saw all ASC departments getting off to a solid beginning for 2017 with only a few weather induced inconveniences typical to this time of the year.

A number of events are planned throughout the year. The details of each will be posted when appropriate on the ASC Web Site.

The first event will be a presentation by the Head of the Massachusetts GOAL organization at the February 9, 2017 membership meeting. I strongly encourage your attendance as current Massachusetts and Federal political circumstances make it important that we all have a better understanding of the legislative forces at work and what they might mean to ASC.

I also encourage members and their families to consider making Sunday breakfast at ASC a regular part of your weekly routine. You will get an excellent breakfast for the princely sum of $5.00 for adults. There is no charge for children under the age of eight or for youth between the ages of eight and eighteen that have an ASC Youth Badge.

Perhaps more importantly, the social setting will provide an opportunity to mingle with, and get to know better, your fellow members

Consistent with our mission as a family oriented club, and as the above photograph will attest, the Sunday morning environment is very much “children friendly”.

Dick Reichter, President

Letter from the President - January 2017


Although this will be the fifth year during which I will have served as President of our club it is only my initial 2017 monthly message. As such, my first order of business on behalf of all ASC members is to thank all 2016 members of the BOD for their contributions to the continuing development of ASC. The amount of voluntary time and effort that is required of all Directors is immense and must always be appreciated.

I wish to first thank Jimmy Hehir for his many years of service as the Club’s Secretary and to Mark Klove not only for his service as President but for his willingness to serve as Jimmy’s successor..

In addition, there are two new members of the BOD. One is Cheryl Crawford who is the new Membership Director. I have known Cheryl since she the day she joined ASC when I had the pleasure of providing her initial trap shooting lessons. Subsequently Cheryl has willingly undertaken every task asked of her including having been of significant assistance to Steve Harsfald who has been an outstanding Membership Director the last two years.

The other is Steve Cooper as our new Community Relations Director, a role that has been redefined in a manner such that it may well become the single most important of all BOD responsibilities. That being said we are indebted to Matt Lavoie for his prior efforts as Director; Community Relations and especially for his willingness to remain the ASC webmaster.

On behalf of your 2017 BOD I assure all members of your BOD’s continuing commitment to do everything possible in order to provide maximum service to all ASC members on a financially responsible basis.

In addition, commencing with the January Membership meeting:

  1. We will encourage any member to become more actively engaged by posing appropriate questions to any Director when they deliver their monthly department reports.
  2. We will explain at each meeting selected Protocols and Procedures that govern how our club is managed
  3. We will endeavor to have at least on an every other month basis guest speakers on issues of interest to the membership

In closing I encourage all members to make a genuine effort to attend the monthly membership meetings in order that you can become better informed as to your club’s current and planned activities

Dick Reichter, President

Letter from the President - November 2016

Dear members,

I hope you all are enjoying the fall. As we head in towards the holiday season we look forward to the activities scheduled on the various ranges. Come down and take advantage!

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns about anything that we are doing I encourage you to direct them to the Director responsible. If you have suggestions, or wish to help out with any of the ongoing projects, this is the best way to become involved.

I am happy to report that the contributions of the directors and all of our other volunteers are exemplary and will insure that the future of our club is in good hands.

We look forward to seeing you at the club.

Mark Klove, President


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