A Calling drive to expand the use of crossbows for hunting

Dear Members:

The Andover Sportsmen's Club is a member of the League of Essex County Sportsmen'sClubs, which was established to (a) promote a cooperative program for protection, propagation and restoration of forests, fish, and game, (b) promote and establish more cordial relations between sportsmen and landowners, (c) cooperate and assist in the enforcement of the game laws and (d) promote, protect and perpetuate PUBLIC hunting, fishing and trapping in this Commonwealth. 

The League has asked that club members be made aware legislation concering cross-bow hunting and to participate in a "calling drive" to move the bill along.



Calling drive for Massachusetts Crossbow Bill H.3866
Status: Bill is currently in the House Committee on Ways and Means
Date to start calling 9/21/2020
Action Requested: Schedule a hearing and pass H.3866 The Crossbow bill in this session
Email Contact:  Chairman Aaron.m.michlewitz@mahouse.gov
Phone Contact: Chairman Aaron Michlewitz (617) 722-2990 
Email Contact: Speaker of the House robertdeleo@mahouse.gov  
Phone Contact: Speaker Robert DeLeo (617) 722-2500

Please be polite and respectful.



Frank Bleszinski, Vice President

Andover Sportsmen's club, Inc.