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July Facilities Update

Due to the overwhelming outpouring of new members we have been able to do large projects at ASC.

Projects have included building a secondary trap range that we are still in the process of completing. We are building a back stop and will be installing loom and grass seed. We have also installed new lighting on the secondary trap range for night time shooting.

A new wall between the archery range and the secondary trap range has been installed.

Plans have also been made to install a new indoor archery range, to be started in October of 2018.

We had a spring clean up that went over all very well and it was well attended by the membership

Other smaller projects have been going on throughout the year to keep the club in current shape. Keeping up with the large demands of ASC members.

Anyone willing to help should contact Mike Pierce at

Hope to see you all at the club.

Yours Truly
Mike Pierce, Facilities Director

Board of Directors Quarterly Update - April 2018

The Quarterly Board of Directors reports are as follows for April 2017.

To read the reports, please click the "Read More" link on the bottom right of this post.

February 2018 Security Update

We are still having problems with members not being familiar with the range rules which could cause a safety problem. Please stay abreast of the club rules to avoid any problems.

I noticed that there is not a first aid kit in the indoor range. I have ordered one and will install it in the range.

-Bill MacKenzie

February 2018 Community Relations Update

2018 scholarship form is on the website. 4 scholarships ($500 each) will be awarded to club members’ children,including grandchildren.

2018 request for Mass Junior conservation camp. Youths must be between 13 and 17 years old. Open to members’ children and grandchildren. We will be sponsoring 2 campers.

Both requests must be received by April 1, 2018.

-Steve Cooper

February 2018 Archery Update

Due to the cold weather the completion of the archery wall between the practice range and trap will have to be finished in the spring.

We are having a 3D archery shoot on March 31st, proceeds will be donated to charity.

The shoot is open to members, guests and the public; there will be cash prizes and a 50/50 competition after you complete the course.

There will be two shooting stations set up at each target, one for recurve and one for compound bow shooters; we have a total of 30 targets set up.


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