September 2017 Outdoor Range Update

First a big thank you to Tim, Don, Alan, and Mike for all the help with the maintenance during the summer months on the outdoor range.

2nd Annual Steel Crush family shoot (.22 LR ) went very well and we had a larger turnout. Thanks to Alan Arena and all the RSO’s, the contest was a big success.

ODPR updates completed which include additional protection at the end of the range to provide additional containment and prevent any possible issues with errant rounds. (Thanks to Brad and his team).

New screens installed on the ODPR building interior windows to prevent birds from perching on the ledges.

Replaced steel bars and installed new targets inside tractor tires at the 75 yard mark.

Assembled and installed new target stands for at the 50 yard mark.

Several new circular 8 and 10 inch steel plates installed at the 100 yard mark to provide greater challenges.

Please check website for range closings because of Police department training and ASC training sessions.

Recruiting to add to the outdoor team to provide maintenance, modifications or do outdoor range orientation.

Firearms should be transported from your car to the shooting stations unloaded and with the action open. Cases or shooting bags are preferable.

A “Clear” command MUST be issued to all members shooting on the pistol and rifle bay’s  BEFORE attempting to unlock the yellow gate. Be sure to stand behind the yellow line.

Ground shooting at any targets is not allowed on the outdoor range.

Target frames are designed to hold one target centered in the frame.

No silhouette targets allowed.

President's Message

Please be advised that Erik Anderson has resigned as a member of the ASC BOD. I thank Erik for his efforts during his tenure as Director, Trap Operations.

Accordingly, I will act as Interim Trap Director. My focus will be on providing all possible assistance to  those that have been working extremely hard for so long on numerous club facility projects. Near term future facilities efforts will be concentrated on completing the second trap range; weather, sub contractor scheduling and other constraints notwithstanding.

Mike Pasco, Membership Director, has kindly agreed to assist me during this interim period by assuming the responsibility for arranging and coordinating all Trap Special Events.


Congratulations ASC Trap Team

Every year, the Methuen Rod and Gun Club invites 1 team from each of the clubs in the area to compete in a winner take all trap tournament. It gives me great pleasure to announce the Andover Sportsmens' Club finished first. The team of Mark "MO" O'Keefe, Angelo Varvounis, Mike Pasco, Tony Capone and Richard Bruce edged out the other teams by 1 bird. Great job guys!! There will be a trophy presentation at a future membership meeting.


Trap Range Closed for Maintenance

The trap range will be closed today, August 10th until 4pm for maintenance and repairs.

Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Membership Reminder

This reminder is a follow up to the Special ASC Membership Meeting notice posted several weeks ago. Said meeting will be held on Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 9:05 AM for the purpose of considering the admission of new membership applicants.

The minor change in the meeting time from 9:00AM to 9:05AM is to allow a procedural action to be taken by the BOD. Inasmuch as ample advance notice has been posted for members to place this  special meeting on their personal calendars your attendance is important in order to insure a quorum.

Your attending will not infringe to any significant extent on your range time inasmuch as the meeting will require less than 20 minutes to complete. As an example, a Special Meeting for exactly the same purpose held in July required only 17 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Dick Reichter, President



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