Letter from the President - February 2014

The extraordinary number of new members having joined ASC in 2013 was gratifying to your entire Board of Directors ("BOD") that regularly devote so much time and energy to trying to create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere. As such, it is my pleasure to confirm that all members of the BOD serving at the end of 2013 will again be serving your interests in 2014.

The relationship between all ASC members and your BOD is of utmost importance if we are to enjoy the maximum benefits our club has to offer. The effectiveness of that relationship is in large part a result of how well the membership and the BOD communicate with each other. The methods by which that may occur should be extensive. However, in order to avoid an ineffective and chaotic situation all communications must take place in an organized manner with absolute respect being shown by every member to all other members at all times without exception.

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Board of Directors Update - February 2014

The Board of Directors reports are as follows for the month of February 2014.

Please see the separate "Letter from the President" for this month's President's Report.

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Tuesday Night Archery for January 21st Canceled

Tuesday Night Archery for the night of January 21st has been canceled due to inclement weather.

Youth Firearms Safety class has been rescheduled

Due to a conflict with the Hunter's Education class, the Youth Firearms Safety class has been rescheduled to Saturday, February 22nd.


Announcing February Youth Firearms Safety Class

We are pleased to announce the date for our first Youth Firearms Safety class of 2014. It will take place on Febuary 22nd, from 1pm until 3pm. Pre-registration is mandatory. For more information and to register for the class, please visit the Youth Program page.



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